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So far, Respawn Entertainment, which has always been engaged in AAA multiplayer aiming games and most known with Titanfall, released its new game Apex Legends. After the impact of PUBG’s battle royale cake, the company wants to take a share of the company; Apex Legends seems to have achieved this.

At first glance, Apex Legends may seem like many other battle royale games on the market. Free to play in a structure, contains cosmetic items and in-game payments. However, both product quality and Respawn’s innovative approach make it a separate and unique game.

In Apex Legends, you always play in triple teams. Of course you have a chance to hang like a lone wolf, but when you try it, death soon finds you. The majority of the conflicts in the game are between three teams.

When you press Play, you are asked what characters you want to play. Unlike Call of Duty Blackout, these characters have special abilities. One of them is tactical ability, while one has passive ability and, of course, the ultimate ability. In this way, each character has its own advantages and disadvantages, while the equilibrium element is well reflected, because none is superior to the other.

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Bangalore is a character who fights on the front line, can mix fog bombs on the battlefield and throw rockets around with the ability to ultimate. Moreover, when he eats a bullet while running, his speed increases for a short time and he can easily take cover. The robot character Pathfinder is a superior character in locating the route and by hacking GPS towers in the region to see where the next circle will be.

In Apex Legends, the characters have clear roles, and probably Respawn will add new units to the game later. Mirage and Caustic characters are available and you can buy them as well as play the game. The credit points you earn in the game seem fairly fair and you can play a new character by playing for about 10 hours.

Apex Legends has a wide range of customization options. There are many poses and killing moves while they add more personality to your characters. Of course you don’t have the obligation to buy them, but you will probably get great attention like in Fortnite.

As you pass the character selection screen and dive into the map, you are descending from the top like many battle royale games and you choose a point. Plus the fact that the team of three people can land in the same place in a layout.

The map is quite varied and includes industrial areas, towns and rural destinations. The color palette of Apex Legends, which is in the same world as Titanfall, has been carefully prepared and appealed to the eye. Brave teams can reach the gendarmerie directly to the supply ship, but with other teams with the same idea, there are hard clashes.

When you go down, everything depends on the team game and moving together. One of the best ping – sign systems I’ve seen in the game. You can flag enemies by pinging, show the location of a helmet, or mark an open door to let your teammates know that someone is there. This system within the game increases team play and tactics.

At first I said but it is good to repeat. You can also act alone in Apex Legends, but in the end you will die. When three weapons are turned over, you lose your life as soon as possible. Therefore,犀利士5mg it is imperative to stay in touch and stay in touch.

Apex Legends’ weapons use and hit sensation is perhaps one of the best in battle royale games. Shooting with a sniper rifle or using a close-range shotgun is definitely a joy. At the same time, the designs of the weapons were very successful and cared for.

Apex Legends is using the Valve’s Source Engine graphics engine. The graphics of the game are very nice in general and respawn used a color palette to appeal to the eye. However, we cannot say perfect. As a result, the Source Engine is a very old graphics engine and Apex Legends has a low resolution in some of the skins and modeling. I still haven’t seen anything that bothers me. In the performance part, optimization is much better than PUBG. Even with mid-range graphics cards like the GTX 1060, you can play seamlessly at 60fps – 1080p. For more budget-friendly graphics cards, you may need to reduce the resolution slightly.

Apex Legends is really the best battle royale game on the market. I don’t know if it can attract the loyal fans of PUBG or the colorful structure of Fortnite, but it was downloaded by millions of players from the first days. Although there are some problems for now, the fact that Respawn is behind gives confidence in the future. If you are one of those who love battle royale games, I would definitely try.

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