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Sheltered was first encountered in 2016, when the first-ever survival games were quite common. The game we tried to keep our family alive in a nuclear asylum was a bit more detailed in Fallout Shelter, more like this War of Mine. The game, which has created a certain number of players since its debut, has now made its debut at Nintendo Switch. Let’s see how well the Sheltered Nintendo Switch version is.

Sheltered in a post-apocalyptic world. In the game, we control a family that survived a nuclear war and settled in a refuge. This family consists of five members in total, two adults, two children and one pet. We can customize this family as we want at the beginning of the game, we can change the capabilities they have and adjust them according to our needs.


Our characters have five main features in total. These are Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Charisma and Perception. Of course, each of these features has a direct impact on the game. For example, Strength increases your damage in battles, while Charisma increases your chances of success in trade.

Apart from these features, our characters in the refuge also have their own statistics. These; hunger, thirst, fatigue, toilet need, contamination, stress and trauma. Health related situations are also included in this statistics section.

The statistics in Sheltered are the most important part of the game and you have to keep an eye on it. You’re hungry, you have to eat. You need to put your sleep to sleep. Someone has to go to the bathroom; you got to take her by the hand. Someone’s got a lot of dirt, you should put a pouch on your back. You will understand that every job in the bunker is looking at you.

Because the game takes place in a nuclear world, you have to protect your characters seriously. Someone you’re sending to the surface without special clothes can be exposed to radiation poisoning. The character, who needs to take a shower, can get poisoned from eating. You’ll be greeted with this and many other problems in the Sheltered.

I told you had a family and a pet in the bunker. This quintet is the most important part of you, because if you die, you lose the game. But sometimes you can meet people in the outside world, sometimes people who want to join your shelter. These people have a Loyalty bar, unlike your main characters. When this bar rises, we can send them to the outside world. Because we have to protect our main characters, they can be a good alternative. Just remember, if there are too many people in the shelter, you may have a lack of oxygen; you may have to fire or kill people. In the meantime, unfortunately, killing is the best option, if you chase, they can play something or break down important items.

The first few hours you’ve played Sheltered are definitely very important. You should plan what you should do, act accordingly, not spend too much stuff at the beginning. E.g.; let’s say you need skin to make a bed. In order to find this, you must send someone from your family to discover them. The further they go, the more water they consume. When you can’t find the skin you’re looking for nearby, you have to go farther, but water is not enough. What do you need to increase the water? Raise the water filter. So what do you need for that? Skin. I think I can tell you what I mean. The game certainly does not pity the player at first; you may have to start over a few times until you solve the game.

The Sheltered version for Nintendo Switch is available in two additional modes. These modes added as a scenario are Stasis and Surrounded. In Stasis mode, players are trying to build a rocket that will allow them to leave the dying world within 75 days. With a total of 8 different endings, Stasis is the ultimate challenge for challenging players.

Surrounded mode lasts 50 days in total. The family decides to take a difficult decision and the father leaves the shelter to find material. Our mother and child, who are left behind, should be protected from people who want to confiscate creatures and shelters alone. It should be noted that you have to be a little patient in order to play these two modes, and that there are no difficulty settings for these modes.

Come on, the game’s performance on the Nintendo Switch. Sheltered works seamlessly on the Nintendo Switch. I have not experienced any problems with the controls. But I was quite annoyed to have to come over the character to look at the qualities of our characters. Especially after the shelter grew, “What was the character with high intelligence?” And calling the character can be very annoying. Quick access to qualifications could have been very useful in Nintendo Switch. The graphics of the game have preserved the pixelated graphics structure in other versions. Th犀利士5mg e world of the game, with a minimal understanding, is generally beautiful. Sounds of music and sounds.

Sheltered, Nintendo Switch is one of the games that we can say appropriate. Players who are interested in post-apocalyptic stories, shelter construction and raw material management cannot experience very high expectations and experience the game. The addition of Stasis and Surrounded modes is a huge plus. However, the final decision belongs to you players.

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