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The dolphins are friendly fish that have almost earned the love of all humanity. Dolphins are mammals and do not enter into fish group. The eyes of these cute creatures that live in flocks are capable of seeing at a 300 degree angle. They use sound waves that operate in the same logic as the sonar device, rather than the eyesight. Dolphins are another animal that inspires sonar devices after than bats.

Dolphins can live in all the seas of the world. They fit almost every habitat, regardless of whether they are fresh or salt water. Powerful and adaptive body structures have made them ready for every challenge. These cute animals have an average of 20 to 30 years and have 50 different species. They are approximately 2 meters tall and have body weight ranging from 200 to 300 kg.

‘’Einstein of the 7 Seas!’’

Dolphins, with the ability to emit sound waves, can find the direction without error. In addition, thanks to these properties, they can detect the heat and electric energy emitted by living things. Although they live under water, they breathe with their lungs because they are mammals. There is an air hole in the top of the head. Dolphins can use this hole not only for breathing but also for different activities such as hunting and playing. They are very fast and agile swimmers. Besides, they can make high jumps on the water.

They are considered the most intelligent animals in the world. They are very friendly to people as much as the dogs. Being friendly and playful animals does not mean that they are weak animals. To give an example of how powerful they are, we can say that they are one of the most resistant creatures in the sea against the attacks of wild sharks. They have lungs that are strong enough to hold their breath for 12 minutes. They can use 80% of the oxygen they take. This rate is 20% in humans. They are very resistant to sleeplessness. Even if they haven’t slept for 5 days, they’re not affected.

Their favorite dish is sardine fish. Dolphins attack the herd of Sardines in line with a strategy with individuals in their herd. Foaming water, sweeping the sands from the sea floor, surrounding the herd as a wall are the main strategies of them. Because they need between 30 and 40 kg of food daily, these strategies are very important.

They can regenerate their body skin at an average speed of 2 hours. In this way, their skin is always smooth and bright. They have very fast healing abilities. Even if they are severely injured, they recover easily within a few days. Dolphin fish have very strong family structures. Some mother dolphins have been seen to take care of their children for life.

The moments of the birth of the dolphins are also very interesting. The baby dolphin emerges in reverse from the mother’s womb and is immediately taken to the surface to prevent it from drowning. Then, this baby dolphin is fed with breast milk for a long time. During the time she grew up, the baby dolphin is taught by her mother with the games. Although the baby dolphin sees them as games, they are all meant to help it learn about their survival and hunting motives.

As an example of how intelligent the dolphins are;

-They can recognize themselves in the mirror.

-According to some scientists, they are the most intelligent animal in the world after the humans.

-It is said that they can understand the human’s talking.

-In some countries, they are used for finding the sea mines in the deep.

I am sure that there are much more features that we haven’t discovered yet about these fascinating creatures. But, even knowing that much is enough to surprise us. They live in the sea but he has lungs. They are playful creatures but also great hunters. They are adorable but strong enough to challenge a shark. These creatures have already surprised us with their amazing nature.

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