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One of the wildest species of wild animals today is foxes. We will provide you with detailed information about all the features of the foxes, including many of them, especially their cunning. In the animal kingdom, from the past to the present day, foxes, especially known for their cunning, are really a cunning animal. In the process of seizing their prey, they can easily catch their prey by getting help from this feature.

This small wild animal species can easily keep up with almost all climatic conditions and live in many parts of the world. Foxes, also known by their lonely lives in the animal kingdom, are also a species whose social relations are almost nonexistent.

Another member of the dog family is the fox, who is known for his cunning. Europe, Asia, North Africa and often seen in South America, with the most common type of red foxes against nature lovers interests in almost every part of campers. Especially, the red fox, who chooses to live in forest areas, in rural areas and in the fields, can keep up with different living areas, so it is possible to meet with a fox at any time. Areas close to the city and the city, motorway and motorway sides are ideal points for feeding foxes.

They move quickly with their agile body structures, have a very good smell and have a strong sense of hearing. It is possible to say that they are good hunters. They hunt creatures such as rabbits, mice, chickens and birds. They are both carnivorous and herbivorous, and grasshoppers and insects are good nutrients for foxes. Foxes with too many alternatives to be fed do not attack people unless they are too hungry. But that doesn’t mean foxes don’t attack people.

Turkey will not create too many examples in the world was recorded fox attack cases. Campsites are ideal addresses where they can find food. A fox who had to fight for a long time in nature will not want to miss this opportunity. They are charming in appearance and have structures that are suitable for taming. Still, getting to feed a fox means disrupting the balance of natural life, so it is not appropriate to be tamed.

  • The main characteristics of foxes are as follows;
  • One of the wildest animals ever recognized.
  • They are in the dog family.
  • They live in Europe, Asia and Africa continent.
  • They are carnivorous.
  • The ears are quite steep and pointed.
  • The tails are long.
  • Their lifespan ranges from 15 to 20.
  • The nose structures are pointed in shape.
  • The senses of smell are quite developed. So they can easily hear the movements of small rodents below the ground.
  • Their length ranges from 90 cm to 1 meter.
  • Tail lengths are around 50 cm.
  • They are not very heavy in kilograms. Their weight is between 5 and 6 kg.
  • They spend their lives on their own land. The length of the cows can reach up to 20 meters.
  • Mice, birds, rabbits and reptiles are the main nutrients. Although they are carnivores, they can consume vegetables and fruits.
  • They are mostly hunting during the night. In some cases, they may be hunted during the day.
  • One of the most distinctive qualities of the foxes is that they feel love for honey. So foxes like to eat honey just like the bears.
  • As he is quite shrewd, he usually attacks all his prey close behind. Poultry are usually killed by drowning. Birds can even catch them without difficulty.
  • They run very fast. It is therefore quite difficult to capture foxes by humans. According to the research, it was observed that the fox could run at a speed of 65 km / h.
  • They love loneliness. They spend their lives alone. They only come together at reproductive times.
  • Pregnancy periods are 60 days and they usually give birth to 5 puppies. The puppies are able to open their eyes to life 2 weeks after they are born.
  • The youngsters leave the nest after standing on their feet.
  • Intelligence and Cunning Many Series of Movies and Stories have taken the Subject;

The most important characteristic of the foxes is the intelligence and cleverness of the foxes thanks to these qualities, from the past to the present has been the subject of many series of movies and stories. We conclude our article here by stating that the foxes, whose senses are highly developed, are the most cunning animal of the animal kingdom.

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