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Especially famous for its splashes are locusts, joint-legged animals. They usually live in hot places and are not long-lasting. The appearance of grasshoppers in green or brown tones; There are two antennas, four fore foots, two hind legs in their hills and 3/5 cm in size. They are found in brown or green colors. Apart from all these, there are some amazing features about locusts.

Grasshopper is an animal of the Caelifera sub-team of the Flatwing team. Locusts in Anatolia vary in size according to species. The smallest species of grasshopper is 2 cm long and the largest grasshopper has a length of 20 cm. especially migrant locusts are 5-10 cm larger than others. In areas close to the warm deserts, the regions around the Mediterranean live in places close to the deserts of North America, Argentina, Asia and Africa and cause serious damage to agriculture.


Grasshoppers which belong to the group of poultry are insect species. Field, water edges and meadows. The most famous species of grasshoppers with a life span of up to four months are fields of field, green, wand, Italian, Egyptian and African migratory. In general, they feed on the plant. However, when their food decreases, migration movements begin. They can reach 2000-2500 km from the cloud. It was seen that they were raining on the ship during migration. Grasshopper outbreaks cause great damage in agricultural areas. They can turn the area into a desert in a few minutes. If they can’t find the green areas they are looking for, they will attack the wooden houses and the cotton and woolen clothes, the railing, and the horse’s tail and mane. Even naked children in Africa have been seen to bite.

In the last two rings of the chest of the nucleus consisting of three rings one wing is found. The wings on the front are stiff; the rear is thin, just like a fan, folded lengthwise and under the hard wings. Male locusts make a sharp sound by rubbing their wings on their bodies. At the end of the abdomen of the females, a sword-shaped hose extends. The grasshopper leaves the eggs between it and the soil. The offspring of the eggs do not migrate. The small grasshopper cub becomes completely adult after changing the shirt several times. The length of many varieties is 4-5 cm. It is up.

  • There are two honeycomb eyes and three eye-like eyes in the locusts.
  • Honeycomb eye is a kind of eye which is composed of many visual cells.
  • The locusts cause tracheus breathing.
  • Trachets are multiple tubes that are inserted into the cells in the tissues.
  • When looking from the outside, the latches that appear to have two wings are functional in the bottom and the wings on the top are only found to protect the main wing.
  • Grasshoppers multiply by laying eggs.
  • They end up in the last half of their life.
  • Only male locusts can make sound.
  • Their lifespan is about 120 days.
  • Although the locusts generally vary between 3-5 cm in length, there are also grasshopper species that extend up to 20 cm.
  • The hearing organs of the locust are located on the side of the abdomen and are two.
  • When the locusts migrate, they cross a distance of 2000 meters and can fly for about 10 hours without stopping.
  • Grasshoppers use their antennas as a sense of smell and touch.
  • The grasshoppers, known for their jumping ability, can jump to a height of 2-3 meters.

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