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100% Electric First and Single SUV

Tesla founder Elon Musk added a new addition to his all-electric vehicles that he launched to leave a cleaner world for future generations. Tesla Model X with the eye of the SUV segment of the company did a really ambitious entry.

The Tesla Model X is designed as a complete family vehicle. It is a good alternative for large families with its high ceiling structure and capacity of 7 people. It shows that the firm is standing behind its vehicle with its fully electrified and 7 year 1 million mile warranty.

Designed on Aerodynamic Excellence

When you look at the design of the vehicle, you can realize that it actually shows significant design similarities with the Tesla Model S. The company also accepts this vehicle and the second generation vehicle produced by this tool. The third generation is expected to come with less energy consuming engines and longer-lasting batteries.

Since the front grille is small, the front grille is small, as it is a group of electric vehicles that do not require grill design, such as fossil fuel vehicles. The initial differences of the vehicle are entirely based on LED technology. In this way, more lighting and less energy consumption is provided.

When you move to the side, you can see the Model S lines more clearly. The appearance of the vehicle is really aesthetically pleasing with little design based on a little rise. Also the hawk wing door design offers a new technology that was previously produced in no vehicle and completely patented by Tesla.

The falcon wing doors consist of two parts, not one-piece, like the other doors that open up. This feature gives you more mobility, so you can open doors even in the minimum space. The space required to open the doors is only 30 centimeters. Furthermore, the sensors on the doors do not strike the vehicle next to the door or up.

When the rear side of the vehicle led back to the LED lighting group attracts attention. The chrome detailing between the two headlamps and connecting the headlamps adds a chic air. In addition, according to your speed to expand the aerodynamic structure can be opened and closed wing. The aerodynamic structure gives excellent values for this massive vehicle. Friction index is 0.24% and this size is 20% for SUV rivals.

When you look at the interior design, your first attention is drawn to the huge information display used in other Tesla models. This screen is also a screen where you can access all the functions of the vehicle. Air conditioning, tape, navigation etc. In short, the screen that covers all the control buttons directs the design of the vehicles of the future.

When you look at the windshield of the vehicle, a glass that you have never seen before welcomes you. The windshield is the largest windscreen ever used in passenger cars. It extends from the body to a certain area of the ceiling and provides a panoramic view. An over-sunshade is prevented by darkening the ceiling using a UV-permeable coating.

A rear living area with 3 armchairs welcomes you when you cross the back. Behind him there are 2 more seats. With these two seats, the capacity of the vehicle is 7 persons. To move to the rear two seats, you need to pull the 3-seat forward. Of course, you do this with a single button, but it is still a problem for me, according to the design and they have the option to remove the seat in the middle of the 3 years. If you choose this, the middle part can be used as a corridor and the vehicle capacity falls to 6 people.

100 km/h in 3 seconds!

The Tesla X, a fully electric vehicle with this size, has 3 engine options. These are 90D, P90D and P90D Ludicrous. Bo engines provide all-wheel drive and can produce incredible power. The 0-100 km speed of the engines was 4.8 seconds for 90D, 3.8 seconds for P90D and 3.2 seconds for P90D Ludicrous and maximum speed was 250 km / h. The battery life for all engine types is a common value of 250 kilometers with a full charge.

Safety equipment also places the vehicle first in the safest SUV ranking. With the intelligent sensors, it automatically brakes when it feels the accident. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with special equipment against biological attacks. Air filter is 10 times the size of the air filter in normal vehicles. There is also a certain amount of fresh air to give in. In this way, you can breathe clean air and get away from it by getting into your car in case of dangerous gas emission or biological attack.

In addition, the car also noted that the collision of the full note. With the space left in the front of the vehicle, the severity of the impact at the time of the crash is absorbed and the damage is minimized. With the latest update, using road sensors integrated with gps and navigation systems all over the world, the vehicle can travel on its own in traffic.

The price of the vehicle that has not been officially sold in our country yet varies between $ 130,000 and $ 190,000. This difference depends on the hardware you want to add. If you are approached to the vehicle, you can see the functions such as automatic opening doors. Although this price is difficult to predict with taxes in your country, it is obvious that the vehicle is the automobile of the future with extremely performance and economic features.

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