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The Agony project, which first started with an innocent Kickstarter campaign, soon succeeded and made the Madmind Studios team smile. Agony, which made the actors more impatient due to various delays, finally appeared on the days we left behind for those who love horror games. Dante tass depiction of a different hell as an alternative to the depiction of hell, the construction of the dominant and tense would combine with fear elements.

You start the story with an incident called the Great Fall. The event, called the Great Fall, depicts the character’s fall to hell with metaphors. The narrow corridors and the red Goddess, accompanied by a gloomy atmosphere, always keep you in touch during the story. Our first aim in the game is to find the Red Goddess character. If you’ve watched Agony’s fragments, you’ve noticed that the element of violence is quite contrary to human nature. The developers themselves have already said that this is Agony’s ace card. However, it is not difficult to comprehend that the game is not even a work from the media shown in the fragments from the first minutes.

Even in the later hours of the game you can easily get lost among the department designs that give you the feeling that you are in the labyrinth. As a matter of fact, because developers realize this difficulty, it offers you a mechanic that shows your way to the top of the game. When you press the corresponding key, a purple spiritual light shows you where to go. So you have to continue your journey with this purple light. But when you find out that this guide is often distorted and puts you on ridiculous paths, your number of nerves increases.


Devilish beings in Agony’s depiction of hell are constantly following you in order to maintain order. When these monsters find you, they kill you in one move. For this reason, you have to hide in the pits and cavities in the sections and keep your breath. However, even where you can hide places are sloppy; you cannot reach as soon as you need these pits, as the monsters move through the paths drawn in line with a certain software code. In some places, you will find hollow rooms, and you cannot find a logical explanation of why these pits are placed in empty rooms.

Death mechanics, which is the only good thing in the game, was put into play to give the player complete time. Since you already control the fallen spirit to control a character from the flesh rather than controlling the character from the flesh, you can enclose your soul in other NPC characters around your character within a certain period of time when your character dies. This means that you can resume your task instead of starting from the previous registration point and overcoming the same challenges. But I would like to underline that this mechanics is not working properly. Sometimes, instead of walking on a difficult part, you can knowingly die and be able to move as a soul and enter an NPC at the end of the episode. While this may be for the player’s work, there is such an interesting open in the game due to the departmental designs.

Developers have added a character development screen to enrich Agony. On this screen, you have to earn the fruits of the game in order to spend points on the development of your character. When you collect the fruits of this science in random places in the game you get the chance to strengthen your character. More breath holds (this feature helps the monsters not notice you easily) and one-hit not to die on the character development screen can be obtained.

We can’t say the realistic graphics of Agony developed with Unreal Engine 4. In fact, at some points, you will encounter elements that surprise you in terms of object and character designs. But such situations were not enough to play a game of non-mechanical gameplay and a horror game without fear.

If you are looking for a walking simulation with a story that cannot explain itself in addition to the accompaniment of section designs, you can choose Agony with peace of mind. Note that the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms is also released in a censored fashion. I was annoyed by the censorship that was explained before the game was released. But after seeing the censored scenes, I gave the rights to the authorities. If the game was not censored, we would be able to kill infants, rape, and many other mentally ill items in the game for no reason. I don’t want to be misunderstood at this point. Developers can put all kinds of items into their games and respect it. But the fact that such actions take place when there is no reason can disfigure the events.

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