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Supercell took the stage again with a new game. With the Clash Royale and Clash of Clans games, Supercell has become one of the biggest names in the mobile world. Brawl Stars, a multiplayer shooter game, consists of 3 minutes of matches between two teams. The game features cartoon-like characters, as in other Supercell games.

Tested by a small group of users before its release, the game is currently very popular on Google Play. When Supercell opened pre-registrations for the game on November 14th, a total of 10 million people were pre-registered. The game is ambitious in nature. Supercell aims to adapt to this, as people’s multi-player concept has changed considerably after games like Fornite. A similar social strategy is adopted with 3 versus 3 battles in the game.

In the center of the map, which is symmetrical for both teams, is a platform that produces diamonds. The aim of the two teams is to collect the diamonds produced in the middle and to fight against the players of the opposing team. As you progress through the game it is possible to increase your character’s level and open new characters. The characters have a super shot along with the normal shot.

Brawl Stars is similar to League Of Legends, it is also a single player multiplayer game. There are 22 different characters and each has different features and abilities. Once you have accumulated enough cards for your character, you can move your character to the next level for a certain amount of gold.

In addition to your character’s level, your characters have ranks. Although you win the game, your character increases that character’s rank. While you and your teammates fight in blue, the opposing team appears in red, and the main goal is to kill them. In the game you have your way to the trophy. The game gives you prizes as your trophy increases. There are 5 modes in the game:

Diamond Grabber

In this mode, you need to collect the diamonds from the diamond well in the middle of the map. However, you should not die while collecting players from the opposite team. The game is played with a total of 6 people. 3 people are in the blue team (your team) 3 people are in the red team (opponent team). If one of the 2 teams reaches 10 diamonds, the 15-second period starts and they try to protect the 10 diamonds within 15 seconds. If they die within 15 seconds, the game resumes. The dying player’s diamonds fall to the floor and any player can collect them.


In this game mode there are a total of 10 teams for 2 people. These teams try to be the first by destroying each other. As the game starts you will see many chests placed on random places on the map. The more you break crates and get what comes out of it; both your life increases and your damage increases. The map is getting smaller by a toxic gas every passing time. If your teammate is alive and you are dead, you will be born again after a while, but if your friend dies until you are born, you will lose.

War Cannon

This mode is played with teams of three, such as the Diamond Grab mode. In this mode, two teams have strongholds. When the game starts, there is a ball in the middle and you’re trying to drag the ball to the opponent’s goal to score. However, the opponent team can defend you or even kill you on your way to score. If you die, after a while, you will be reborn right behind your castle and continue your game. In this mode, the team scoring 2 goals wins.

Mode 4 and 5 (Special Event)

These events take place every week. In order to enter these events, you must rise to a certain trophy. You can also enter these events with tickets only.

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