Call of Duty Black OPS 4 Wallpaper Collection and New Tab for Chrome

Call of Duty, which could meet with the players with a kind of expected qualification especially in terms of innovations, has naturally been the target of the players’ criticism. The interesting thing is that the creator of the series, Infinity Ward, has been developing the most popular Call of Duty games in recent years. The Call of Duty Ghost and Infinite Warfare are considered to be the worst games in the series. Last year, however, the Call of Duty series returned to the past, inviting us into the rebirth of World War II. Although the game came with an acceptable quality compared to the upcoming Call of Duty games, it still failed to give the exact expected value. This year, Treyarch, my favorite Call of Duty developer in recent years, took a job and appeared with Black Ops 4.

Now let’s say that Black Ops 4 has the biggest difference compared to other Call of Duty games. There is no scenario mode in the game. Not at all. With this year’s decision, Treyarch took the complete game of Call of Duty, which is perhaps the least important (for the general player base), and gave all its concentration to multiplayer mode. Is he good or is he bad?


First of all, there are 14 maps in the multiplayer mode of the game. However, the famous Nuke town map will be added in November. Four of these 14 maps are the remake of the maps we have seen in the past. We are faced with 10 maps that we can consider completely new. The design of the maps is very good in the general sense, visually beautiful and seriously balanced.

If you leave behind the maps, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 follows the characters of Black Ops 3, so every character you choose has its own feature and you can use it for the benefit of yourself or your team. There are 10 characters in total for the game. Six of these characters (Ruin, Prophet, Battery, Seraph, Nomad, Firebreak) come from Black Ops III, while four of them (Recon, Ajax, Torque, Crash) are completely new. As I mentioned, each character has its own characteristic and power, for example, while some can leave ammunition for their teammates, while some have the ability to set up mines remotely. The ability to use these abilities properly in the game is not to be expected from a Call of Duty game. I can point out that teams that use their features or strengths are of great advantage.

Among the standard multiplayer modes, there are two modes that stand out with their innovations. One of these modes is Control mode. While playing Control, your goal is to capture three different points on the map within a limited time. You can earn extra time for each time you capture. The defending team has a limited number of rights to be reborn, so the defending team should be careful. One of the modes where the characters’ special powers and equipment stand out is this mode.


Another new mode is Heist. In Heist mode, the aim of a team is to pick up the money bag at some point on the map and bring it to a certain point again. After reaching this point, the aim is to survive for a certain period of time. The interesting part of the Heist mode is that we started with a limited amount of money just like in Counter Strike games. According to our performance, we make money at the end of each round and we can buy equipment at the beginning of the new round. Even the fact that the bullets are limited makes this mode quite exciting.

In addition to these two modes, classic TDM modes are also available in the game. Also for those who love hardcore, these hardcore modes are in play. Black Ops 4 generally has a multiplayer side compared to a FPS game. In addition, the game’s atmosphere is futuristic compared to some of the previous Call of Duties’, but let us underline that mechanics such as flight and wall walking are not in play.


Now we have the most exciting mode of Black Ops 4. Blackout, that’s the Battle Royale mode. As we all know, the game world came under the dominance of the Battle Royale games in 2018. With the tremendous rise of PUBG and the tremendous success of Fortnite, many big and small winnings embarked on a race to grab a pie with their own Battle Royale games or modes. Personally, for me, this was the company that surprised me most. I’ve never guessed that a company like Call of Duty, which has been concentrating on short transitions on small maps for almost 15 years, will come up with a huge map and dozens of players in need of the Battle Royale mode. But the point is that Treyarch came up with the Blackout mode.

Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode gives us an experience that we are used to from PUBG and Fortnite. But we can say a lot more sedate and quality. Although the criticism of the Call of Duty series, FPS dynamics are well known. In Blackout mode, the ability to play with Call of Duty fluency and FPS mechanics is a very enjoyable experience. In addition, Black Ops 4’s classic multiplayer mode, the equipment and character traits, in the form of loot to be obtained in the map and the mode has been perfected. For example, with the Grappling Hook, the ability to quickly climb up to the roof of a house or set up a shield can be considered as the basic elements that distinguish Blackout mode from the PUBG.

There are also vehicles in this mode. Although the number of vehicles is currently very limited. We have one big truck, ATV and helicopter. However, the presence of a helicopter in a Battle Royale mode has provided a very interesting experience. Generally it is very easy to reach a destination in the air. However, Treyarch was very careful in balancing. It is easy to find a rocket on the map, and even helicopters can easily drop with standard weapons. In this way, players in the helicopter always have to be alert.

The weapons are again in the classic multiplayer mode. However, I can state that the weapons are too ineffective. It’s hard to use guns that are heavily overwhelming on large maps. But with the add-ons you find, the weapons are becoming much more stable. You need to make extra effort to find the plugin while playing the mode. Team play is very important in the game. In particular, each player in your team to have different equipment and their timely use can give you the game. In the first few games you may not be fully aware of this situation, but as time goes by, you understand how important these features and equipment are and that you develop your style of play through these features and equipment.


Apart from the standard multi modes and Blackout, the Zombie mode is also in the game. Treyarch, the creator of Call for Duty of this mode, also manages to give what is expected in the zombie side. If you like playing co-op games with your friends, the zombie mode will satisfy you in terms of content and enjoyment.


On the technical side, I will make my comments for the PC platform, but I can say that the PS4 and Xbox One have similar results. I can say that the graphics offer a very nice and clean image in standard multi and zombie mode. Coatings, lighting and shadows are very successful. However, the situation is different in Blackout mode. Due to the limited structure of the consoles, the coating quality in Blackout mode is quite low compared to other modes. Also the fullness and details of the maps were kept limited. However, the game on a gigantic map, with nearly a hundred players, PvP experience and the ability to do it in 60 FPS is already a great miracle, so the mode of this mode, the quality of the graphics should not be overestimated. But there is no such limit on the PC side. A higher coating quality should be added specifically to the PC.

Last but not least, Call of Duty Black Ops 4 seems to have a strong place in the list of games to sell this year, especially with Blackout mode. Especially if you’re a PlayStation or Xbox player and you’re looking for a truly enjoyable Battle Royale experience, I suggest you don’t miss Black Ops 4.

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