Day Z New Tab for Google Chrome

DayZ is a mode where there are zombies around after apocalypse and no one wants to be there. There is no task or place to go in DayZ. You only have one purpose. Survive. Of course this will not last forever, but one day you will die. The important thing is how long you can extend this time. You are thrown into this dangerous world with a lantern in your hand and a few things to keep you alive.

If we are to talk about the environment, DayZ travels on an island called Chernarus. Those who have played ArmA II will remember this place. But let’s talk a bit about those who don’t. 225 square kilometers of land, most of them consist of sea and woodland. Of course there are many towns, big cities, airports and military regions waiting for you. The most famous cities are Chernogorsk and Elektrozavodsk. There is also a North West airport. This large map is enough for us. The fact that the map is so large takes a good praise from us. But the cities are very small, so they don’t look like a city at all. You don’t have high and big buildings, so you’ll understand better when you get into it. The big cities were more of a city mix. It doesn’t bother you much.

All resources and items that need to survive are spread to the map of Chernarus. Your character needs some requirements to survive and to survive in this ruthless world. These are hunger and thirst. You can get rid of your thirst with cans, trays or flasks. If you stay a lot in windy and rainy weather, your character is sick. The pain is starting to cough. In addition, the health system in DayZ is much different than other games. Our character has a blood value, the higher the blood value, the better. Our blood value starts at 12,000. If you are attacked by zombies or other players, your bleeding begins. Bleeding means a decrease in your blood. With the help of bandages, you can stop your bleeding.

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