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Devil May Cry, one of the most established series in the world of video games, has managed to reach a certain quality standard with every game without any doubt. Particularly with the first game, the series that changed some of the basics of action games in the video game world left a perfect taste in the mouths with its third and fourth game. Finally, with the DmC: Devil May Cry, Capcom, who entrusted the series to the British, wanted to re-launch the story. But when Devil May Cry fans reacted to the particular appearance of the new Dante, the DmC: Devil May Cry was not included in the main series, even if the game was of good quality.

Capcom, with the Devil May Cry 5 announced at the last E3 show that he will continue his story in the fourth game and wants to bring the attention of the old and new generation of players around. Thanks to Resident Evil 2 Remake, Capcom achieved the same goal for the Devil May Cry brand. As the main character, other than Dante, the developers who introduced Nero from the fourth game to the game have now come up with a character that will have a direct impact on the story of the series.


In the story Devil May Cry is getting into the game as the third playable character from V as a customer. Unlike Dante and Nero, V, which makes a difference with his distant combat ability, can be said to suit the series quite well. I would like to underscore that if you felt a coldness against the character when Capcom gave the main character Nero instead of Dante in the fourth game, this feeling was not experienced in V. Devil May Cry series, which accepts a new character quite difficult compared to other series of games, has overcome this obstacle with V thanks to the fifth game (due to lack of leading role). At the beginning of the game, you start with Nero, and the V character is included later. The idea that the character cannot be solved with his mysterious manners will always betray you in the corner of your mind. Because he is portrayed as a playable and important character, he draws strong confidence in V side characters in terms of the script.

I would say that the Nico character, who recently joined the series, is a good match for Nero. He was added to the game as a master character in developing fiery and piercing weapons. Even earlier in the game, when he revealed where he got his talent, Nico could surprise the players who followed the series closely. To summarize the head of the story; Recognizing that V─čis mission is different from other demon-hunting missions, Dante encounters a strong enemy in a way he doesn’t expect. While V and Dante are involved in the game’s main story, Nero is the late character in the party. I don’t want to give much detail about the story in this section, and when you play the game, first-hand observation of the story will increase the pleasure of the game.

When you go to Devil May Cry 5’s storytelling, you may notice that Capcom, who gave more importance to the story for the first time in the series, is from the first moment we enter the game. The Devil May Cry series, which doesn’t have much tangible story depth yet, presented us with an immersive scenario with its fifth game. Besides, the developers who want you to play other games to understand the story have made a beauty for the players who are going to enter the series. Who is who with a short video about what happened in the Devil May Cry series from the past to the present? What? You can learn.

Instead of putting a background story into each character, it does not change the way the story progresses if you want to play the script with a different character. The game’s multi-character system, thanks to this feature co-op gamers also added developers, other players allowed to be included in our game. But I would like to underline that this mechanics has not undermined the game in any way. As you fight anywhere, the character you don’t control at once is involved in the fight and can help you and disappear. It is also worth noting that this co-op mechanics is not real-time. If you play the game online, the game takes your ghost data and interacts with other players. You also have the opportunity to rate players involved in your game as good or bad at the end of the episode.

Devil May Cry 5’s character development system followed the path of old games. Again, while collecting Red Orb, our character can get new skills, while at the same time we can improve our weapons. On the character development screen, Nero gives a lot of choice to the player. Nero, who lost the arm of the devil in the story, is filling this gap with Nico’s Devil Breakers. Devil Breaker system; in terms of gameplay, depending on Nero, I can easily say that the game color. More than we expected the game to integrate Devil Breaker Capcom each designed to be unique. You can change Nero’s abilities with different Devil Breaker options.

In terms of combo, Nero has more heavyweight (according to Dante) animations as in the fourth game. In the fourth game he was able to use his devil arm to shoot the enemies. In the new game, we encounter a similarity of this mechanics. Nero, instead of being fast against the enemies, is the ideal character to start the game. The developers also noticed this situation, the control at the beginning of the game wanted to give Nero.

Aside from the mechanics of gameplay, it is useful to say that the game is successful in technical terms. Devil May Cry 5, which works at high FPS value on console platforms, has been very nice especially in intermediate scene graphics. The engine of the game, which uses RE Engine to the fullest, is unfortunately lagging behind the previous games. Although DmC: Devil May Cry was a game that was not included in the main series, it was a very rich production in terms of the music played during the fight. But in the fifth game, the developers have shown a little bit more stingy about music.

At the end, Devil May Cry 5 was a production of old and new generation players under one roof. With its fast and immersive nature, the game, which has the potential to tie the new generation of players, is also true to its essence, so it won’t hurt the bone mass. If you are a fan of Devil May Cry, I suggest you never miss this game.

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