Fallout 76 Wallpaper Collection and New Tab for Chrome


Now that the Fallout series has to be accepted, it has its own unique atmosphere, an interesting magic that draws the player in. We had the chance to experience this spell from Bethesda’s hands in the 3D world. Fallout 3 began to appeal to a wider audience with Fallout, New Vegas and even more, Fallout 4 had to be very successful, but failed to meet some expectations. Nevertheless, after Fallout 4, which made faces in Bethesda with sales figures, we met Fallout 76 announcement in a way that we did not expect in the previous E3.

Now Fallout 76 is the first game in the Fallout universe. In other words, all the games that have come up so far have passed many years after the bombs exploded and the world returned to hell. Fallout 76 is about the members of the shelter number 76, which will rebuild the United States in a very short time after the bombs exploded in the Fallout universe.

When the date is early, the destruction we encounter is lower than we are used to. We are confronted with so much greenery and natural landscapes that we are not used to seeing in the Fallout universe. From a visual point of view, this situation offers an interesting experience. This situation, which supports the feeling of discovery, can be slightly different and distant to the classic Fallout fans.


The size of the map is at a level we can call colossal. We are facing a map that is 4 times the size of the map of Fallout 4. And there is a situation that is really detailed, which makes the player curious and even supports an empty walk. Personally, my favorite part of Fallout 76 is its map. Whether you play alone or with friends, Appalachia has been a great place to visit. With Fallout 76 you can always say that an online Fallout game dream  has come true. But not exactly the way we expected. Fallout 76 has a structure that allows both PvP and PvE mechanically.

For example, if you fire a player you encounter in the open world, you only apply 5% of your total damage capacity unless you respond. If the player responds, the battle begins with your full potential. But he has almost no contribution to fight and to hunt other players. There is nothing to lose for the dead player. On the PvE side, pleasant moments await us. With the players in your group, you can hunt big creatures, explore, complete tasks or even improve your own camp.

In the open world of the game there are many different activities. Wherever you are on the map, you have the opportunity to make Fast Travel to the area that event happens. With different players participating in the same event, you can complete the event and receive prizes. Although these awards sometimes seem to be really worthwhile, sometimes you can feel that you’re doing it in vain. Here comes the chance factor.


The story of the game, as I have mentioned in the beginning, puts you in the position of someone who is assigned to rebuild the United States. However, there are no NPCs except for robots and some artificial intelligence. More precisely there are no human NPCs. Perhaps the effect of this on the game reflects a sense of loneliness as Bethesda intended. Although it is pleasant to know that every person you see around is a real player, you want to see the Raiders, Brotherhood, and so on in such a big world.

In general, you get the story tasks through audio recordings and notes you find in the open world. Likewise, when you make a discovery, a sound recording or a note can take you to a side assignment. In side missions, you have a high chance of finding special equipment, weapons. This situation leads you to discover. As I have already mentioned, the world of the game is quite suitable for exploration.

On the side of the mechanics I can say the same with the mechanics of Fallout 4. Whether it’s  a new Fallout game, you feel like you’re playing a new DLC of Fallout 4. The only serious difference is the VATS system. When you activate VATS in previous Fallout games, time is slowed down or stopped, while Fallout 76 uses VATS in real time due to the online infrastructure. That’s why I can’t say that we use VATS throughout the game. However, this system otherwise could not work in an online game.


On the graphics side, I can say that Fallout 4 is almost the same as a construction. With Fallout 76, even though volumetric lighting has been added, it is still quite flat and uninspiring. It’s time for Bethesda to build a new engine. On the side of the voices, the music brings us to a retro-smelling atmosphere. The music, embellished with period songs, was one of the favorite things of Fallout 76. Weapon sounds, voices and atmosphere are much more successful than graphics. You can hear the distant conflicts clearly, wonders what’s happening there right now. Bethesda manages to cross the classroom by the voices.

Long story short, Fallout 76, who will succeed in satisfying a long-established Fallout fan, who loves survival games and want to experience the Fallout universe in an online atmosphere, may love Fallout 76. There is a serious lynching attempt at Fallout 76 for the Internet world. Although I’m right about many things, I think it’s a little too unfair to Fallout 76. Although I believe that it will come into a beautiful location with future updates.

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