Getting Over It New Tab for Google Chrome

Do you enjoy games with QWOP style maddening difficulty? Then Getting Over It is for you! With a hammer in your hand, you’re stuck in an accident with the help of a hammer, and with the help of a game map structure with the help of a hammer game gives you crazy hours so that you can go back to the beginning from the point where you come with an error for 2 hours. If you are an angry player and angry when you hit the table, the player who threw the controller with this game keyboard and mouse can break, you can punch your monitor.

If you manage to finish Getting Over It, which is one of the most bizarre platform games in recent years, you will have an interesting end. Stuck in an accident, the naked man in the hands of giant naked man, from the top of the mountains, the roofs of the houses we tried to out of the platform game Getting Over It, was soon popular. Players who are able to reach the final of the game that requires both talent and great patience enter the chat room with the producer of the game. Before entering this chat room, the question of whether the player is playing a live broadcast is being asked. The answer is no, the lucky and patient player who finishes the game has a short chat with Bennett Foddy.

Interesting, bizarre, annoying, but the entertaining platform game, players who have managed to finish Getting Over It have the chance to chat with the developer of the game, Bennet Foddy. On Bennet Foddy’s mobile phone, someone has finished playing the game, and Foddy joins the chat room, thanking the patient who has finished Getting Over It. I think we can say the final is as interesting as the game itself.

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