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Halo 5 is a continuation of a series of games that has managed to print its name in gold letters. The game, which was eagerly awaited by the lovers of such action games, managed to make people happy without being released. Of course, behind this success lies the perfect transcendent story created by the great efforts of the game makers.

When Halo debuted in 2001, it didn’t just make the Xbox a special console, it also made a breakthrough in FPS games. First Halo: Combat Evolved proved something very important; it was quite possible to play FPS on consoles. Not only that, but more in the middle of the Battlefield, added a great scenario mode with large areas, multi-player mode, and slider over all of these features.


Halo 5’s scenario mode has an action / entertainment balance just like Call of Duty. Even the Halo philosophy, storytelling and even gameplay that made Master Chief become such a game world icon was perfect. Halo 5: The Guardians are giving up too much to keep up to date in scenario mode. While it’s interesting that Master Chief doesn’t play the lead role in a Halo game, you’ll be amazed at the fact that the hunting concept has not been fed into the game, and that there is always something going on in each episode.

Based on the mechanics of Halo 5, it made enemies pretty lethal. Enemy groups can surround you in a short period of time and can consume you instantly. In such a situation, you expect the artificial intelligence to bring you back into conflict when you order “save me”. At first, the event runs smoothly, but as the game progresses, your AI friends are starting to be ridiculous. In this way the game forces you to struggle more and more.

Halo 5 succeeds in substituting all its troubles in narrative and concept. The most important of these are Aim-Down-Sight and new movement capabilities. If you do not know the feature as short as ADS, I can explain as a target from the sight of the gun. This feature, which gained a great popularity after 2003, is still being used with ADS system, although 99% of shooter games are still not used in the old territories such as Counter-Strike. This system is certainly adding a lot to Halo. You can now take away distant targets more comfortably. It is worth to say that, unlike other FPS games, ADS closes when you receive damage in Halo 5. So it is useful to pay attention when shooting.

Another feature gained by the Spartans is their ability to move. Within a certain charge period, we are able to push ourselves forward, make powerful melee attacks on the enemy, jump over the ground, and at the same time avoid the attacks. The new movement system is easy to understand. It is obvious that both single and multi-player add a different style of fashion. One of the things I most admired about my Halo 5 was definitely the variety of weapons. In the first minutes of the game we use 10 different weapons. Plasma guns, laser weapons, different technologies, the tip of the rope runs away at one point and we try to finish the game with tons of weapons. It is not surprising that the shot feels like a number in the field.

The scenario mode of Halo 5 is still not bad, but this time the multi-player gets ahead of everything else. 343 Industries may have struggled, but the multiplayer has almost changed its history.

We have two different playlists in the game’s multiplayer mode: Arena and Warzone. While the Arena focuses on the traditional multi-player experience (such as Slayer, Strongholds, Capture the Flag), things get out of business at Warzone. Warzone, a product of a completely new logic, provides support for up to 24 people, and perhaps offers the most solid, entertaining multiplayer experience of the Halo adventure.

HALO 5: Warzone is similar to many games, but I see this mode somewhere between Titanfall and Battlefield. Just like in Battlefield Conquest, there is a certain order, but it also includes the chaos of Titanfall. We also have minions fighting outside of the players and “experience a real war in the Halo universe”. Now let’s add that there are 15 different multiplayer maps in the game. In the future this number will surely increase.

Another interesting aspect of the game is the progress system. While we are rewarded with every correct move we make in the game, we meet the new rewarding system of the game. The new system called REQ leaves our business to chance. We open card packs and we have to clash and struggle to reach the high-level ones. This situation resembles a little F2P games and makes people think no matter how fun they are.

The last thing I want to mention is graphics. Halo 5: The Guardians are working with 60fps and the game is seriously flowing. As the console’s special game, there is a great performance both in detail and in the frame / second. With the addition of coating resolution, smooth gameplay and great effects, Halo 5 manages to deliver a visual feast to Xbox One players. Certainly not one of the games with the “best” graphics but proves to be a special game with each frame. Halo 5.

As a result; Halo 5: Guardians. Very nice. Some of the features that were recently added to the series were not grinning at all, but 343 was the first step in separating the series from Bungie. However, the next generation had to relinquish its scenario and some gameplay mechanics by turning to FPS. So, what does that change? It shows that Halo lovers will miss something very, very much. Nevertheless, the Halo 5: Guardians manage to become one of the best productions of the year and deserve to be a guest of honor for every Xbox One owner’s library.

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