Jetpack Joyride New Tab for Google Chrome

Halfbrick Studios is one of the creators of Fruit Ninja. I am happy to recommend this game to you on my tablet and on my phone. This game is presented as a progressive game for the players.

When we hit the screen in the game, the character is blowing up and we are overcoming obstacles. In the game, the meter task comes in. If we go to the meter we are so successful and earn money. With the money we earn, we can have the equipment in the game. Among the equipment that we put our back on the air to ventilate us.

I remember that the game was ranked first in the Top Paid Apps list for two weeks in one of the last months. At that time I was hesitant to download this game. Until two days ago. I would also like to recommend this opportunity for those who have not yet downloaded the game.

The game is Universal, so you can play it comfortably on both your iPad and iPhone. As I said, the original price of the game is $ 0.99 and free now. In a few days, I don’t know if the price will be restored. But there is no information on the AppStore page for a short time.

You start the game as a person with a Jetpack. You are running your Jetpack by tapping the screen. When you leave, you are descending. So the controls are simple. Of course the game does not end there. Your goal is to climb up and down with the right timing, avoiding electric obstacles, missiles and lasers, go as far as you can and collect as much gold as you can. At the same time, you can gain extra power with the wheel picture boxes that occasionally appear during the game.

Available in the Chrome Store

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