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In the previous generation, one of the biggest competitors in the Fallout series, but the structure itself is shown as one of the other post-apocalyptic games, the Metro series, once again appeared in the next generation of players. The game series, adapted from Dmitry Glukhovsky’s Metro books, will be on the market this time to appeal to bigger and more players. The first noticeable innovation about the Metro Exodus, which was announced at the last E3, was that the series turned to the open world.

Continuing the story of our main character Artyom, Metro Exodus takes the story out of Moscow. After the nuclear war in the first two games, showing that all humanity has disappeared, the series revealed that the last survivors had taken shelter in the Moscow subways. However, Artyom believes that mankind has established new lives in different places. It follows this hope in the story of Metro Exodus. After the events in the first two games, the introduction of Artyom’s aim begins at this point. In the continuation of this story, we are going on a long journey with Artyom and his team.

In Metro Exodus, which has a stronger team than the old games, we can’t see Artyom alone and side characters are common to our adventure. Artyom, who is familiar with the character named Anna from the previous game, is facing the players as a married individual in the new game. Annais change, which manifests itself in every moment of the game, can surprise those who follow the series closely. In the second game, our sniper who is unable to stand with his crazy moves exhibits a more maternal stance than the new game. Artyom, who devoted himself to his people in the story for the salvation of humanity, becomes the character of Anna again.

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Metro Exodus, which enhances the theme of the game and open world elements with graphics, looks graphically even on the console. I did not encounter any technical errors in the game I experienced on the PlayStation 4 platform. But occasionally, sometimes the coatings can be loaded late.

Before the game was released, the developer team stated that there would be no side missions in Metro Exodus. Unfortunately, in the game you also feel the lack of it. When you step into the arid land from Aurora (the train we travel), you want to explore every place. But since it is not a side task that will encourage you to explore, you only go to the points on the map and come back to the train. The climate and maps of the game are changing in a way that depends on the main story. The adventure that you started with the winter climate goes back to the waterless lands. With this feature, it can be interesting to see step by step how nuclear war leaves a sign in nature.

In the open world, we can produce anything that would benefit us in the train thanks to the materials we collect from the bandits and the environment. However, when you collect these materials, you need to pay attention to civilians. You make the character bad or good completely in your hands. Artyom’s mood can turn bad when you kill civilians and surrendered outlaws. However, this situation does not affect the course of the main story. However, we recommend you to pay attention to this feature of the game.

The gameplay mechanics of the game are as slow as the main story. From the animations, the response of the mutants to you is rather cumbersome and slow. But this has made the game even more comfortable. Far Cry series to give the example, the character jumps and jumps quickly to the left and unlimited speed to run as if there were no lice, Metro Exodus does not exist. Artyom is also an ordinary person, and the difficulty in dealing with the same challenges as in real life has made the game more realistic.

Metro Exodus’s weapons, which are not as detailed as we expected in the open world, were as detailed as we expected. We can turn our weapons into different shapes by collecting weapons from the environment. Metro Exodus, which gives the player a lot of choice in the development of weapons, is not bad at all. Although this side of the game is not as realistic as the simulation games, let’s underline that each weapon has its own characteristic structure. However, when it comes to testing weapons on the enemy, the game remains unfortunately in this class. If you’re a player who cares about privacy in tasks, and you set your weapons to the privacy element, you might be upset that all this effort is wasted because artificial intelligence is an idiot. Except for the mutants, the artificial intelligence of the people who are hostile to us is changing little if you make the game difficult.

If you are going to play the game on the console platform, you must be prepared for long loading screens. This download screen is longer than the standard PS4 version, but not as short as expected in the PS4 Pro version of the game. If you don’t have a fast SSD, you’ll have to be a prisoner of long load screens on the computer.

By the end of the game, if you like the first two Metro games, I suggest you not miss Metro Exodus. Unlike other post-apocalyptic games, Metro Exodus may be one of the remarkable games of this year. In addition, if you are wondering about the open world theme of the series, I recommend you not to go into a great expectation.

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