Pet Rescue Saga New Tab for Google Chrome

Pet Rescue Saga is a game that we progress by destroying colorful blocks. But the biggest difference from similar games is the animals on the blocks you destroy. You’re going to get these animals down and get them out of the bad guys. Pet Rescue Saga has a total of 87 episodes and some tricks in the game.

pet rescue

You can start the game by selecting the section you want; you can invite your friends to join them in the game. Pet Rescue Saga, which gives a rating of 3 stars in each section, has to take a minimum of 1 star and you have to pass the sections or you can start the game again. When you look at the screenshots, the game has a very fun and immersive scenario.

If you act fast in the game you can pass the people who are in front of you, you can receive the money they receive yourself. In each episode, where you are given a specific goal, for example, in the first chapters 2 animal rescue targets will be given, but as you progress in the game you will be given different and multiple targets. If you succeed in blowing up cubes X2, you will get twice as many points.

  As a result, you don’t need much to say for pet rescue saga. Producers of the game have created a beautiful and immersive game in serious sense. Different friends are waiting for you in the game where you will meet different animals.

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