Ragon Quests XI New Tab for Google Chrome

In fact a game that was released in 2017 is Dragon Quest XI. But it was never adapted to these sides. Square Enix then changed the verdict and decided to release the game in English, as well as the game name Echoes of an Elusive Age. In addition to what is presented in the Japanese version of the game, the Elusive Age is described as a photo mode, a forward move forward to our character, and higher levels of difficulty. In this way, those who have played the game in some way Japanese will be interested in the Elusive Age.


In Dragon Quest XI, we are in control of a young man who has grown up in a quiet and sweet town. And guess what’s happening, this young man is given a great task! The reason why he is the chosen person is that he is really the chosen person; but this friend is a legendary hero in his past life (reincarnation). Well, naturally, the townspeople take this opportunity and give it a hard task to get it off the field. Our hero, who started his adventure in Lotozetasia, also meets many different characters throughout the game and he does not neglect to fight back and forth with some of them.

Our hero uses all his weapons while fighting with his adorable creatures, he casts spells, and is marching rapidly to the place where the story takes him.

To love this part of the Dragon Quest series, you must like the visual style of Dragon Quest, because there is a visual appearance that is not so easy to get used to, but a bit ordinary and sometimes annoying. The simplest is that the eye drawings in the game are so straight ad The expressions of the characters have always been repulsive to me. So you have to love this style, or this job does not work.

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