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Candidate for the Best Game of the Year

Rockstar Games, producer of the world-famous GTA game series has released finally second part of Red Dead Redemption 2 on 26th October 2018, after an 8-year break. They mentioned they were working hard on that game and it will definitely worth to wait. This is why it has taken so much to be on the market.

Read Dead Redemption 2 is an American gangster game. The story takes at the ends of 18th and at the beginnings of 19th centuries. In this period, the government makes so many ending plans the outlaw gangsters via law enforcement. Our main character Arthur Morgan and a gang named Van der Linde that Arthur is a member of it as well, try to escape from law after an unsuccessful robbery in Blackwater. These gangs are appraised with money for their lives; therefore, they steal, kill and work hard to survive.


It is mentioned above that this is a gang game we have some outlaws of this gang. Let me inform you about some major members of the mob that we will encounter throughout the game.

Arthur Morgan: He is the main character that we will control throughout the game. He is the right-hand man of the gang’s founder Dutch. He is taken under the Dutch’s winds when he was a child; however,it is not known exactly why Dutch did get him under his winds. Therefore, Arthur is deeply committed to this man and the gang.

Dutch Van Der Linde: He is the top guy and the founder of the gang. We can say he is an American Robin Hood. He founds a gang so that stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. At least, he believes that this is his mission. He has full of anger against life.

John Morston:  He is the main character of the first game. He is child of a refugee came from Scotland in 1873. He loses his father when he was eight and taken a dormitory. However, he is able to escape from there and, joins to the gang at young age like Arthur. He gets married with Abigail Roberts (in the first game). John leaves these gang things after a bank robbery in 1906.

Bill Williamson: He is one of the members of the gang whose feet are firmly on the ground. He is one of the important outlaws of the mob, because he does know how things go in gang issues. He has a man who has no rules, no mercy and no fair about taking a life. He is known the most brutal outlaw in the country.

Javier Escuella: He is one of the major characters in the first game. He is a Mexican revolutionary. After coming Mexico and meeting with Dutch, he becomes one the guys of him.

Hosea Matthews: He is one of the best friends of Dutch. They first meet when they try to steal each other and they become dudes. He is and artist and gentleman personality. 

Game Play

You only manage Arthur Morgan character in the game. It is not only enough to kill the enemies as an outlaw in this game because you will have many different missions throughout it. For example, you need to hunt to feed the gang if they are hungry. You can go to the forest and find some animals. Arthur is given an ability to find them easily. He can smell the animals and find them in a short time. However, they can smell him as well; so, it may takes long to hunt an animal. You can do fishing by the lake as other option. You can sell these hunted animals as well to earn money for the gang.

Besides, you can feet Arthur with these hunted things, as well. Nevertheless, our main character is like in real life. His hair and beard grow; he can gain and lose weight as in real. Therefore you need to be careful when you feet Arthur. You can shave his hair and beard, give a new shape or you can let those get longer. Basically, you can set your character’s appearance.

Get Interaction with the Environment  

One of the major features of the game is that you can get interaction with your environment randomly and with variety of dialogues. So, this makes the game a kind of open-world game. However, you do not make same conversations with everybody. By having more time in the game, you realize that there is a living environment without you. You can see many fighting, crying, laughing people because of any reason. When you get interaction with them, you will not get scripted and same answers from all of them.

Additionally, you have an honor level and your decisions, and attitudes will affect your honor during the game. If you kill a poor guy, you will become a dishonorable guy and people get hate you or, if you do opposite, you may become an honorable outlaw and you can make the people like you. Thereof, your behaviors and decisions can affect scenario slightly.

A Smart Artificial Intelligence

Besides, you should get ready for the surprises from your environment. For instance, when you behave somebody in a good way, do get surprised. You can get in a conflict with your environment unexpectedly. Therefore, I can say that artificial intelligence makes the game more realistic.

Love Your Horse

You are a gang and you make camping often. However, you do not neither drive a car nor ride a bike. Your business is with the horses. Yes, you ride horses when you move to somewhere throughout the game. Therefore, it is really significant to establish a strong bond with it. You should not forget to take care of him. The more you take care of your horse, the more it depends on you. For instance, if you do not have a strong bond with it, it may feel uneasy and attempts to run during battle with your enemies.

A Mob’s Weapons

Another realistic feature in the game is that can only carry limited weapons on your body as in real. In other words, you cannot carry a bazooka in your shirt like in most of action games. At this point, your horse does not leave you alone. You can put the other weapons in your horse’s saddle. This is so realistic. Besides, when you are in a conflict, do not forget to take what you need in the saddle, otherwise, you become unarmed.

Another detail is 犀利士5mg about the weapons. Schofield Revolver will be your first gone probably as a gang. Midnight’s Pistol and Volcanic Pistol are some kinds of pistols. Litchfield, Lancaster Repeaters or Springfield is some of the riffles. Sawed-Off Shotgun and Rare Shotgun can be used are shotguns. You can customize and develop your weapons to make better shots during battles, as well. Besides, you can use a system which is ‘’ dead eye’’ during battles. You can slow down the time and kill many people at the same time.

Final Words

You go back to twelve years ago in the story from the first game, so the story is about the past not the moment or the future. You will spend almost your 50 hours in story mode and there are over 80 main missions. Rockstar Games is offering an open- world game with the development of real artificial intelligence reactions. It is like combining of a few games on one script. With this variety, it more than a gang game. 

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