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Tommy Fleetwood is an English professional golfer who currently plays on the European tour. Coming from a humble background from the North West of England, he quickly became one of the best amateur golfers in the world after competing in the 2009 Walker Cup, the 2010 Spanish Amateur and many others. Tommy later turned professional and won the Challenge Tour in 2011, and joined SK Sports as a sponsored player and brand ambassador. Since then he has broken through the to the top 50 players in the world and has achieved several professional wins.

He started out playing golf ever since he was in primary school. It was a very personal and family activity for him and it was something he always enjoyed playing. He played it a lot and by the time he was 14 he was in the English national golf team.

In 2003, he was playing in a local golf academy called “Leisure Lakes” and he met a man called Simon. They both had their hands on a driver that was not available on the market at that time and they bonded over the experience.

The following year he joined Global Sports Management (now SK Sports) with Simon acting as a management platform to help him to achieve his goal of becoming number one. Opportunity has played such a big role in his life. Plenty of people don’t have the opportunity that could probably make it to the tour and you see it, you see it all the time. Golf itself is considered to be a very rich man sport because of the expenses of clubs, membership of a club and all the extra gear. You either have that or you need to get good enough to get help from someone or a manufacturer. It is not as simple as getting a football and improving. In short, opportunity is everything. When he turned Pro in 2011, he had nothing guaranteed. He was invited to play in 5 tournaments but he had no status and without that you are not able to enter any competition you’d like. He had to play from invites and make enough money to then be able to play for the next year on that tour. If that wasn’t accomplished then he is down on lower tours with less opportunity and prize pools covering your trip which isn’t an easy life in any sport.

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