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Forza Horizon, the third game with the dust came back to smoke. Forza Horizon, which is one of the most established places in the racing game series, has always been one of the favorite productions of racing enthusiasts with its graphics, gameplay, freedom, festival air and numerous vehicles. Forza Horizon 3, which was developed by Playground Games instead of Forza Motorsports producer Turn 10, once again puts the wheel in hand, tightens the seat belts and seems to swallow the grand moments.

This time, Forza Horizon 3, which took us from Europe and released with hundreds of horsepower in Australia’s vast and vast lands, was a great force for congregations used to go to the right of the road. Yes, traffic in Australia is unfortunately flowing from the left. We are not accustomed to enter the game when we enter the plenty of plenty of traffic is brought to the bottom of the traffic and the first minutes of our motorcycles are broken.

forza horizon 3

Forza Horizon, the third game of the festival we are accustomed to the end of the air is able to keep us alive until the end of the festival areas that we have established a brilliant, people have fun with all the tools of the show, music is the wiping of our ears. As soon as we enter the game, we are approaching the speed of sound with Lamborghini below us, we know our own festival area, we choose our object, and we are starting to collect fans. Yes, the most important thing to continue our way in the game is the number of fans, the number of fans with our new festival areas are creating our reputation. With the new festival areas, we visit the huge map of Forza as well as quickly pass the career ladder.

Forza Horizon 3 is a Forza and racing game, of course. As we expect from a Forza, the construction that makes us enjoy the ride with the utmost sense of the construction, makes a real sense of flawlessness with suspension effects, grip and speed. So much so that in the market I simulate a lot of construction that makes living. We can be even and even exaggerated, but the driving pleasure of the game is even better than Forza Motorsports 6. The reason for this is that the game has a great blend of simulation and arcade. The game not only exceeds our expectations but also allows you to watch the suspension movements of the vehicle.

Forza Horizon 3 has a total of more than 350 vehicles and has been designed to the finest detail, the design of the vehicles is so detailed that even the differences are designed in three dimensions. Even when the hoods of the vehicles are opened, it is really a pleasure to be able to examine the engine blocks in 3 dimensions, isn’t it the inner beauty that is important? It is also worth noting that all vehicles can be modified at different levels of detail. However this is not a need of a modified option Need Speed. Some vehicles are provided with options such as bumper, bonnet, windshield and visually. 19 vehicles in the game with the full meaning of the visual modification is possible, these tools can be put huge body kits.


While the modified event is somewhat limited in visual terms, there is no limitation in the meaning of the performance; many vehicles in the game can be modified to a multiple of the standard performance. All of the vehicles in the game are divided into specific classifications. These classes are divided into D, C, B, A, S1 and S2. For example, you can upgrade an A tool that you purchase as Class B and upgrade it to A1, even to Class S1. However, every tool you receive doesn’t always give the right results. For example, when I raised the 1999 case Subaru Impreza to A class, I was severely challenged in the races because it was far behind the other A classes. So raising the class of the vehicle does not always give enough results. The average of each vehicle’s class is based on all the features. So we have to find the best tool for each class by trial and error method.

The driving dynamics of the vehicles still feel very different from the original. When driving in a rear-wheel drive, the vehicle is more intense, with a tendency to throw a stern. Drifting with these types of vehicles is a great pleasure, but in races you are more likely to get out of the road. Not surprisingly, 4×4 vehicles are much more comfortable in terms of driving, but it is almost impossible to drift with these vehicles. In the driving part, my favorite situation is that the vehicles are really on the ground. So it feels like that you really believe that the wheels of that vehicle really hit the ground, and that what really moves the car is the rotation of the wheels. This feeling is only available in the Gran Turismo and Forza series that can keep me alive in the world of racing. In addition, the game with the use of force Feedback steering wheel, In Gamepad using the feeling of vibration is enormous. It should also be underlined.

Forza Horizon 3 has done a very successful job in Australia and the size of the map. Playground Games, which gives us a map that is twice as big as Forza Horizon 2, presents us with a Horizon enjoyment. Drivatar with artificial intelligence racers can be challenged and challenged when we see them all over the map. Thanks to the drivers, the game remains dynamic and does not allow us to get bored.

Another important innovation of Forza Horizon 3 is that it allows playing on both Xbox One and PC. If you buy the game for any of these platforms, you can play with your Microsoft account without any extra action on both of them. While all your records work for both platforms, you can enjoy the game in the hall or PC. We also need to note that both platforms can play online on the same server. So you can play along on your PC with a friend who owns Forza Horizon 3 on an Xbox One, the build does not restrict you to that.

The online part of the game is the kind that will connect us again. If you wish you can create a convoy with foreign players, you can make exciting races from each other, you can explore if you wish. While there are serious connectivity issues in the online platform now, Microsoft has made it clear that problems will be resolved as soon as possible. You’re not limited to racing on the online side. You can find the rare tools you can sell, you can display your own drawings, other players can download the modified settings. However, it is necessary to underline that the system is too heavy and slow for the time being, so that the vehicle can already be sold until you make a deposit in the auction.


Now let’s go to the graphics of the important features of the game. I’ll just tell you. Forza Horizon 3 is not a racing game with the best graphics I have ever seen. But it is a game that can easily enter the top 3. When we think that there are more than 350 vehicles in the game, I can say that every vehicle has been designed in detail so I left my mouth open. As I have already mentioned, most of the cars in the game have been engineered. I can only see the engine of the Nissan GTR. Coatings, reflections, lighting, shading, and rain effects (although it can’t pour water into the Drive club’s hands) has been amazing. You can park the vehicle continuously and spend time in the photo mode. Long story short is the game really, but really tremendous.

On the other hand, in the case of sounds, Playground Games raises the bar, the friction sounds from the wheels of the car, the sounds of the water passing through the puddles in the rainy weather, the sounds of the engine, the hissing of the turbine, you cannot understand … Also the voices on the story side of the game are also very successful, because it keeps us in the face with little jokes Children’s Playground Games are also able to get full points. In addition, the game’s Microsoft’s Spotify-like app includes Groove Music support and a 14-day trial gift. In this way, you can listen to the songs of your choice without being connected to the game’s own radio stations. Forza Horizon 3 has been one of the most popular games I’ve played in the last 10 years. Forza Horizon 3, which gives me great driving pleasure with its driving dynamics, vehicle diversity, gigantic map, modified facilities, online features, graphics and sounds, seems to keep us going until Horizon 4 comes out. If you are looking for a pleasant racing game, the graphics are beautiful, the map is large, with tons of vehicles, get a little modified, I would strongly recommend you try Horizon 3 at least. Forza Horizon 3 is one of the most successful productions we have seen in rec

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