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Having previously mentioned Tribes: Ascend and Smite, Hi-Rez has focused his attention on a whole new game. Of course, Smite was also receiving extensive and nice updates, but the firm’s main focus was on Paladins: Champions of the Realm.

The Paladins, which are compared to other similar games in the market and then compared to other similar games in the market, have very big differences in terms of gameplay and mechanics, and those who think that this game is the same as others; you can easily understand that m does not understand. I’m going to tell you about this great feature that makes Paladins stand out from other peers. Before that, I have to talk about the outlines of the game.

Paladins actually have the same lines as other online, team-based shooter games on the market as I said in the first paragraphs. The teams consisting of five people are fighting against different points in order to get certain points. When one of the teams takes the first common point, he tries to take the burden of explosives to the base of the opposing team. At this time, the other team must prevent the passage of the load and try to win the match. In fact, although it may seem quite simple, the games are more controversial as they progress in the game and encounter new and more professional players.

Paladins have many languages, so you don’t have to worry about character selection, the items used and the mechanics to learn. But of course, if you’ve played other games in English and you’re used to classic terms, some of the words you’ll see in Paladins’ translation can be confusing. There are four main branches among the characters you can select in the game. Tank, Support, Damage and Surround. Each of these heroes has their own advantages and disadvantages within these main branches, each with its own distinctive advantage and disadvantage. Some are very good at escape, some slow and durable, some are fast and fragile.

Paladins is a team game. It’s a game that needs to be played in the middle, a game that needs to be played by the team. In the first levels of the game, unfortunately, players instead of focusing on the task of trying to head the enemies, you can quickly lose the point you usually need to take.

Since the next level of players has passed through a certain screen, both teams are now focusing directly on the task. That’s where things get hot. You really need to choose a useful character for your team and avoid being selfish. Personally, I get what I need in this kind of game. Because whatever I take, the character I get is somehow able to love itself. That was the case in Paladins. No character that I played. For example, this was my own, like Overwatch or Team Fortress 2, in games with Paladins’ peers. Some of the characters were so boring that we were so selfish and called ‘I don’t play it’. There’s really no such character in the Paladins. They’re all tasteful in terms of gameplay.

Paladins doesn’t have a story. This kind of game doesn’t need a story. In other games of this genre, it was funny to see a game with the same bath after the airplanes released for the characters. It’s good for the paladins to skip that straight. Trying to be more than one thing is not funny. Paladins is a team-based shooter game and do not try to be more aware. Your characters are already showing their personality with both their style of speech and their clothing. Moreover, the character designs are really very detailed and sweet. We can see how well Hi-Rez’s character design is when we look at the characters in Smite.

Now, let’s face the big difference that separates Paladins from their peers. In fact, the biggest feature that differentiates Paladins from the currently compared Overwatch is that the game is completely free. Already before the exit of Overwatch, the biggest criticism against the game after the price did not deserve price direction. It was very wrong to give a full AAA game benefit to a game that is just a online shooter and does not have any story mode. There is no such problem in Paladins. The game is completely free. Of course there are cosmetic products and card packs that you can buy in-game, but you can also have these card packs easily with your own labor. So there is no superiority of ‘the one who has the money’ in Paladins.

The big difference of Paladins is not that it’s free. It’s the ‘cards’ I’ve always mentioned. What are these cards? In fact, he has the same mechanics as the item we all know very well. You know, when we’re in League of Legends or Dota-style games, we’re buying money and buying items, and we’re developing our character in a way that’s our own. You can design a unique character in the game by making a unique deck with various cards. So if I, the man in the opposing team, is Fernando, neither will I have different advantages and disadvantages because my deck and his deck will not be the same.

In order to be the winner of two same characters who faced his peers in other games, either he had to play better, or to have better teammates. No paladins. You can take down a whole team, even on your own. Designing this strategy in detail is entirely up to you. You can also get the cards to become stronger. You can also look at the different character structures shared by the players at various Paladins forums and change and develop your own structure. In this respect, inter-community communication is also becoming a good tool of gameplay.

If I come to the last words, I can say that Paladins is making a really successful exit. It is likened to other games, it is suggested to copy, but it is necessary to leave this fanboy head and look a little more objectively. As a free game Paladins is able to offer a variety that other games cannot offer. The ability to design your own character structure is a huge addition to the competitive arena. And if we’ve already copied a game next to each other, I can tell you that every FPS is a DOOM clone somewhere, right? Heh, it’s supposed to be that way. If you like this type of games and want to taste something different, download Paladins, give it a try. Already the size is also small, quota-friendly game. You won’t regret it.

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