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The Hitman series developed by IO Interactive did not undergo a radical change until 2016. By 2016, developer IO Interactive decided to take over the Hitman series from the beginning. Dangerous Bald, Agent 47 was once again dangerous and yet, but the mysterious story of Hitman is now being published in chapters. Agent 47 had more assassination weapons and methods than ever before in the series. On November 13, 2018, in Hitman 2, Agent 47 likes to assassinate assassinations, salmon and plush bear.

Hitman 2, the second link of Hitman’s new remake series, has joined the fury of games that try to keep pace with the new generation. Shadow Client is a veteran criminal organization leader on staying among shadows, and his ruthless members are on the target board of Agent 47. In the name of the story, this is the only thing you need to know in Hitman 2. If you have a question mark on your conspiracy missions, say, who are you kidding me? I want to clarify the story. Because if you’re one of the oldest Hitman players, if you’re curious about the mysterious story of Agent 47, don’t think of this as a continuation game if you want to complete the missing pieces.

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Hitman 2 doesn’t give a lot of hints about Agent 47’s mysterious story. From time to time, the interstate between the scenes prepared as images in the intermediate scenes, Agent 47 has a very important knowledge about the history of the scene can see the scenes, you can get information before the new task Shadow Client and your organization can receive information about your briefing. Hitman 2 is definitely not a game that gives importance to storytelling. You can instantly understand the quality of the video. Hitman 2’s storytelling recipe is exactly as follows; let’s add a little bit of information about your target, a little mysterious history story, a little bit of Agent 47 flashback image sprinkle … This. We can say that Hitman 2 does not have much of a narrative of story integrity.

In 2001, as a gamer who met the series with Hitman Codename 47, I followed the mysterious story of Agent 47 for many years. Part of the task structure presented, piece of story integrity, I feel for the Hitman games, I was not interested in the story, could not pull. Hitman 2, Hitman: Absolution, Blood Money doesn’t have a story drive. However, the gameplay mechanics, which are not in the previous games, but rather limited, manage to connect me to the new series. IO Interactive was very good at integrating new gameplay mechanics into the game, both in Hitman in 2016 and Hitman 2.

Keeping up with the modern era, Hitman 2 wants you to connect to the game online. In fact, this is because the points you earn in the section to spend in-game content and to compare your scores with your friends. In fact, Hitman 2’s main gameplay dynamics in fact, this score and level system is created. Hitman (2016)’s much more expanded in the map according to the map, you get points even when you discover new regions, secret rooms.

Although the main objective is to eliminate your goal; when you find the files hidden in the map related to the Shadow Client, unlock a different assassination type, or find a different costume, you get extra points. In this case, dozens of mini-challenge tasks have been installed in the map Hitman (2016), as well as this mechanic, Hitman 2’da comes with a more advanced shape. Hitman 2’de dozens of different discoverable maps are waiting for you to find them. Hitman 2 went a little further in the assassination. Only by using dozens of different vehicles (including fish) in the section can eliminate the enemy or follow the specific stories to target your assassination.

Because these stories are decorated with intermediate scenes, it is much more fun to approach the target by following these stories rather than using the tools and objects in the section. I would say that this method makes things a little easier. But this is totally up to you. If you wish, you can also try to approach your target completely in improvised sheets. This is my favorite part of the new Hitman series. The game also encourages you to improvise. In the simplest way to eliminate the enemy, let’s say, the end of the alternative methods to eliminate the alternative, wow, this is what I did not see how I have not seen it, play the section again and try to use the methods of assassination you missed.

In terms of diversity, IO Interactive has done a tremendous job. With the pan, the coconut with fish, remote controlled bombs, an electric outlet that you break, you can assassinate yourself in dozens of different clothing, using various kinds of vehicles. The assortment of assassination is so much that the most difficult thing to do in the game will be to remain undecided about which assassination you will perform. Artificial intelligence will not force you on this issue, do not worry, the only thing that will force you to make the choice.

So much so that, because it was just because of indecision and being inside, I played the same episode over and over and over again. One of the most successful productions I’ve seen in terms of playability Hitman 2. I’ve mentioned that artificial intelligence does not force you so much; according to the difficulty of the game of course you can make artificial intelligence a little more challenging. Thus, you can increase the score you earn in the section. You can also test how professional you are an assassin with different challenge methods such as never getting caught, approaching the target without killing anyone, never changing clothes.

Although Hitman 2 has a certain variety of weapons, the game does not encourage you to use weapons. You will not want to go into conflict any more once you see the conflict mechanics and how bad it is. However, if you say I’ll use the weapon, you can try the Sniper Assassin mode. In the series, you are trying to eliminate the 3 targets in a wedding held in a giant mansion with the sniper rifle in the Sniper Assassin mode, which allows co-op co-op play. As you can eliminate your target by direct hit, you can use dozens of different options by using the surrounding items. I can say that the feeling of beat is fine. In this mode, there are dozens of different assassination methods, so it is highly possible to play again.

As a result, Hitman 2, Hitman (2016) according to the content as a more intense game may say. If you like the first game, you will love Hitman 2 more. Hitman 2 is a game of success, full of content and high playability. The producer will continue to support this full content of Hitman 2 with new challenge missions and expansion packages. A construction that gives value for money in terms of content. But if you care about storytelling, Hitman 2 doesn’t promise you anything. Hitman 2, which works in consoles and PC at 60 FPS, is a technically successful game. In terms of animation and graphics, Hitman 2 stands out as a production worthy of its full content.

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