Soul Calibour : Lost Swords New Tab for Google Chrome

Fighting games that could not make many successes (except for some series) have become more appealing to a niche audience over the years. Even though it is not so far behind in strategy games, big companies are still aware of the big audience on this side, and fortunately we continue to see beautiful games. The Soul Calibur series, which is easier to play than the other fighting games and the process of getting used to, is not easy to learn, but it gives our controller a system that is easy to learn but difficult to master since the first game.

The most notable feature in the new game was to return to the system of creating our own character. Thanks to this feature included in the third game in the series, we can create our own character and get the chance to use the weapon we want. In this way, we have the chance to use the combos of your favorite main characters in Soul Calibur series on our own characters. However, the problem of changing combos and features compared to the weapon found in old games, unfortunately, is also present in the new game. So when you create your own character, instead of adding different abilities to your own character, you can access the properties of the characters in the story. Most players are satisfied with this situation.

I would like to underscore that the character creation screen is too detailed. Because you can put your character’s appearance into any shape except for certain details. Soul Calibur in the universe you want to choose among the races and your dream fighter in the arena to reflect the project is entirely in your hands. The developer team, who left us dozens of options to customize the look of the character, wants us to open some appearances with in-game money. Soul Calibur 6, which has a better quality character creation than most role-playing games, has added a lot of innovation to the old games.

In the story of the game, a classic weapon with legendary and demonic powers is given to the main characters. After the fighters who stopped at Cervantes, who had two devilish swords in the opening of the story, another bad character took the sword and the story began. On the story’s side, making the story is not very interesting; the story is very well done. In the main story of the construction, which has a simple scriptwriting, we save the world if it is possible to subordinate bad fighters.

The developers, who added a story of specific origins to each character, also included the character we created. This story, which is different from the main story, goes after the evil character again, and this time a story based on our own choices welcomes us. Step by step we develop our own character, at the same time depending on our choices can reflect the personality of the character of the game. In the game where we can move to the dark and light sides, it is entirely in your hands to be bad or good.

We also have the chance to strengthen our character by renewing our weapons with money. All the weapons in the game can access the character; we can change the weapon whenever we want. In this way, we can try different tactics by changing the weapon in the enemy. We also have the chance to consume food before fighting and to strengthen our character statistically.

After each combat, the speed and damage of our level jumpers rise. Aside from damage, you can make it easier to combo when the speed rises, and when you reach high levels, you don’t have to pick up your enemy.

The Soul Calibur series, which has a combo system based on weapons, is waiting for us in the sixth game. Each character has different characteristics, and each character’s playing style is different. Thus, there is a character in the game that will appeal to everyone’s playing style. For example, with Voldo, you’re playing with a slower and more queer-based game, and you’re able to quickly crush your enemy with the character Groh.

You can use the special features in the game after pressing the correct key combinations to give serious damage. To use these skills, you need to fill your super bar in a classic way like in other fighting games.

There is no optimization problem in the game with Unreal Engine 4. Soul Calibur 6, which works very smoothly on every platform, has no visual effects. Developers who added Geralt from the Witcher universe to the game also added an extra piece of Gerard’s Witcher costume to the game. The fighting style of Geralt’s game has been very enjoyable.

If you are looking for a quality fighting game, Soul Calibur 6 will be perfect for you.

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