Mad Max New Tab for Google Chrome

If we look at today’s works; We see that the works that are popular now are post-apocalyptic, that is post-apocalyptic science fiction. Post-apocalyptic science fiction, a variant of science fiction; the end of the world as a result of nuclear or biological battles. One of the creatures and scenarios in which the surviving creatures and scenarios were derived was Mad Max, who was transferred to the big screen in 1979 by George Miller.

Even though the first thoughts for the game were positive, there was a situation where everyone was afraid. As you know, many popular films are adapted to the video game and we could even cool the movie. But it seems the developer team has proved that these fears are out of place. Let’s take a closer look at the game of Mad Max.

Does the name Avalanche Studios look familiar to you? In 2003, Avalanche Studios, which managed to make a name for itself with the Just Cause series, began as a small game developer in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, and has developed to date. If we think that we are looking to be among the best of the open world type and we are looking forward to Just Cause 3 game, we can say that the developer team has given this right. As such, we started to feel more excited about Mad Max, the open world type.

Let’s log into our story. Let us first point out that Mad Max: Fury Road is not the same as the script of the film. Max, who lives in his own case, suffered with his past; he is being attacked on one of the days when he is trying to survive. The favorite car of Max, whose only survivor we can call life, is stolen. Semi-unconscious vehicle, the name of the car, but after entering the car carrying a fight with a dog falls on its own.

After the dog comes along with a few tips, we lose the dog. When we follow the dog bark around, we see that someone trapped our dog. We see that our character, named Chumbucket, seems to be highly influenced by the reason that made the world this way. Chumbucket, who sees us, is quite amazed. The guy who saw us fight, he thinks we’re the chosen one and heals the dog’s crippled foot.

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