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 Known as a Komodo dragon or in Latin, Varanus Komodoensis is a species of lizard living in Asia. Today, it lives only on the islands of Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang and Padar which are connected to Indonesia from the Asian countries. This world-famous lizard species is named after Komodo Island in Indonesia. The Komodo dragon, which is one of the world’s largest and most dangerous predators, can reach up to 3 meters in length. Generally, the Komodo dragon, with a maximum weight of around 70 kilos, rises above this weight. As a result of research, it was determined that Komodo dragon was seen in Australian soil 4 million years ago. The Komodo dragon, separated from each other as a result of the movement of the continents and forming the islands between the seas and the oceans, is a very dangerous predator that is frequently encountered in Indonesian islands, although it is not seen in Australian lands.

There is a snake-like poison in the bite of the Komodo Dragon. This puts the victims in shock, prevents blood clotting, accelerates blood flow, thereby decreasing blood pressure and closing consciousness. Komodo Dragon may not eat immediately after biting his prey, the hunt may feed back and feed him later because of shock.


The Komodo dragon is known for feeding with mammals and often attacking people.

At the same time, female komodo dragons have a part that will form a male reproductive cell. Newborn komodo dragons have to take care of themselves and many are vulnerable. So many kittens in the early years, many predators, cannibals, including adults, feed. The offspring live up to adulthood in trees filled with more safe and potentially prey insects. It takes 1-2 years to reach adulthood and usually live 50 years after adulthood. Cannibalism, the ability to eat almost anything and the ability to swim provide Komodo dragons with the chance to survive on the island; but they have actually evolved to hunt down a species of pygmy elephant that is now extinct on the island. The lineage of Komodo dragons is threatened by human pressure. Although they can spread easily, people settle in their islands, Komodo dragons and their prey hunting species has brought face to face extinction. They’re pretty smart for an average reptile. They are only seen in a few zoo and natural parks. It is impossible and dangerous to degenerate. Komodo dragons are closely related to megalania, a colossal extinct species of ancient extinct.

The Komodo dragon, which is still present on earth and has achieved this for millions of years, is spawning. Komodo dragon, which produces approximately 20 eggs at a single birth, passes the birth stage in May and August. The Komodo dragon, who survived for many years, is one of the most aggressive predators of his kind. The Komodo dragon, which has a life of approximately 30 years, was first officially registered in 1910. The first official discovery of the Komodo dragon by Western scientists, has attracted the attention of the world in a short time and is still counted among the creatures that are in danger of extinction. The Komodo dragon, who was taken under protection in accordance with the laws of Indonesia, is intended to be preserved in Komodo National Park and will be carried forward to the future. The Komodo dragon, one of the rare creatures in the world, is a serious danger to humans. According to the records of Komodo National Park, there were 24 cases in 38 years between 1974 and 2012. In these cases, Komodo dragon attacked people and five of them were deadly.

In 2001, world-renowned Hollywood star Sharon Stone’s ex-wife Phil Bronstein attacked at Los Angeles Zoo in Los Angeles, California, California, and Bronstein survived this attack with slight abrasions. Komodo dragon, which has an extraordinary hunting technique, is a potential hunter of all living things. Komodo dragon, who has developed various attack mechanisms against living beings, which are much more large in size, has wounded many living creatures, especially bufalos, and caused the wound to die within 3 to 5 days by catching infection from bacteria in its own language. Afterwards, Komodo dragon following his prey means feast time. The Komodo dragon, one of the wildest animals in the world, poses a danger to every living thing on earth. These include elephants and lions.

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