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Some of the animals are disgusting to us, others are friendly, but they are all in a fight for life. In the end, their lives will end painfully. Even though hyenas eat a significant amount of carrion, they often kill their food themselves (95 %.) Although the adult spotted hyenas come in only 60 kg, the African ox, like the giraffe, hunt much larger animals than themselves. Hyenas, like many large cats do not c犀利士 atch their prey sneak up, surprise attacks, but instead of exhausting their prey and buck up.

The hysterical, scientific genealogy of Animalia Bilateria Deuterostomia Chordata Vertebrata Gnathostomata Tetrapoda Mammalia Theria Eutheria Carnivora Feliformia Hyaenidae, with a height of up to 1.80, height 90 centimeters, weighing between 40 and 80 kilograms, with a life span of 20 to 25 years. animal. Even if it is distant, it is in danger of extinction. About ten thousand adult hyenas have stayed on Earth. The feathers are yellowish, taba, gray, brown and rarely black. The best-known personality of violent-action films called animal documentaries is the spotted hyena. They have two meters in length. They’re mostly in sub-Saharan Africa. In terms of environment, the hyena is a calender animal. He lives in the savannah, in the meadow, in the high mountains, in the woods. Even in semi-deserted places, he is found.


Cats kill their prey by biting their neck with a death-bite while the hyenas begin to eat from the belly while they are still alive. This form of hunting is very cruel and painful. They also eat hyenas, insects and wild fruits.

The vagina of the female hyenas is inside the body and the clitoris are prolonged like a penis. This organ is present even in the female nicks. Just like a male hyena, this organ becomes stiff when the hyena is stimulated. The hyenas mate with this organ and give birth. Before mating, the hyena must pull its penis into its body, otherwise sexual intercourse cannot occur.

When you give birth this organ is split, so the female hyenas have a scar across the penis organ. The lips of the female hyena’s vagina were folded, and the fat and the ligament were supported by the east and the testis. From the outside, it is quite difficult to separate the female from the male, but there are still some features that distinguish the two genera. Because of their penile penises, many human hyenas think it is hermaphrodite, which is not true. Female hyenas are generally larger and more aggressive than males.

Documentaries often see hyenas taking their prey from the lion’s hand, whereas in reality the opposite is the case. The hyena is much smaller than the lion and the leopard, and in many cases it lays its prey on the lion. In fact, the lion is half-leeches like hyenas. These two creatures are opportunistic; they have no harm in stealing their prey. Power is enough.

Under normal conditions, the lions also hunt in herds and they will not easily lose their prey to the hyenas. However, in some cases, the lion may be tired, old, lonely or satiated, and in some cases it can lose its prey. Even though it looks like a dog, the hyena is closer to cats. The closest relatives of the hyena are the mangoes and fossils. (Fossa is a kind of mangole in Madagascar.)

Leeching is written as negative points to the hyena of the hyena. It is not necessary to point out that those who humiliate the carnivorous hyena because they eat carrots are spirit-like people. However, the hyena, the less killing and killing someone else killed the other, if you look at the work of another, even the virtue can be found. At the end of this animal something food! And what is to be done, the carnivore is eating meat. Spiritualties seeking opportunities to kill each other in every way and not only killing each other, but also torturing them for pleasure. Not satisfied with this, a period, this carcasses eat the soil according to digging the dead do not leave the animal does not leave the place. However, no such heck drowned hyenas have been found throughout history.

Rarely, puppies are being fed and fed in some African and Asian countries. However, hyenas do not become domesticated and cannot be good pets. They are extremely unhappy and restless when fed in this way. If they don’t wear a mouthpiece, they will damage their owners and their surroundings. They cannot lick their fur because of the muzzle, they cannot keep themselves clean.

The acquisition of hunting skills is impossible as a result of many years of training, and as long as the hyenas are kept alive, they cannot survive and die. It is therefore best to kill the adult hyenas with a needle. Many fairy tales about hyenas are described in Africa; It is believed that the worms are traveling by riding the hyenas.

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