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Panther is one of the most interesting and most elegant animals. His shiny fur and deep gaze have aroused many people the desire and curiosity to learn more about this beautiful living being all the time. The word panther refers to a group of feline, not to a particular animal. In America, however, people decided to give different names to leopards and jaguars because of their specific characteristics. To date, there are two types of panthers: black panthers and white panthers. Both have similar properties; however, the color of the feathers is different.

The transverse lengths of the panthers, including tails, are 1.20 to 1.80 m. average height of 1.20 m. is measured. The heads are not too big and have a special shape. In addition, he has teeth and jaws that are able to separate even the ears, large eyes of an elephant.


Apparently, the panthers are the animals of the only feline family without traces in their bodies. Even the panthers have a condition called melanism, which means that all of the skin’s skin is dark and that the melanin cells (cells that give color to the skin) are too much. That’s why all of your feathers are black. In other words, these animals may be a jaguar or a leopard.

Panthers generally live in America’s rainforest. Although these animals can live in the mountains, they still do not; because the mountains are dominated by pumas (mountain lions). It is very likely that a panther will lose a fight against a puma. As a way of sustaining peace between these two types, both species live in their own region.

The external appearance of the panthers is different from all other feline and also exhibit different behaviors than all other feline. For example, panthers have the ability to roar. Roaring is something that wild cat, lynx, and payam cannot do. Puma is such a sneaky animal; Besides its name, it is also known as the Ghost of the Forests.

At the same time, the panthers are animals that live alone, and if we are not talking about a female panther with their offspring, they don’t have much time with other panthers. They do not hunt in herds and each one is hunted alone. However, they communicate with each other in order to keep their homes for a long time.

They are very good climbers. They climb in the trees incredibly comfortably. Kittens learn to climb as one of the methods of escape during an attack. You probably have a black animal when you hear the name of the panther; but there are also white panthers. These animals are no different from leopard or white pumas.

This phenomenal event occurs because of something known as albinism. Albinism is a genetic disorder that prevents the production of the substance called melanin, which gives color to the skin, eyes and feathers. This melanin deficiency can be regional or holistic; however, in the case of white panthers, melanin deficiency is observed in all of the skin and hair; however, there is no such situation in the eyes.

In addition to albinism, there is another disorder called leukemia that causes a panther to be white. This disorder is also caused by a recessive gene. The difference between these two disorders is that there are extreme sensitivities to the sunlight of albinic panthers; however, such sensitivity is not observed in leucosis-exposed panthers.

It’s elegant, wild; but have you enjoyed learning more about the fascinating animal? This animal is one of the beauties of nature that is definitely worth learning about. It is interesting to note that the Panthers do not express a particular animal. This animal may be one of the three animals mentioned above; most people don’t know much about it.

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