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The design and the posture of the A8, which is quite assertive, will mark a new beginning in the history of Audi. The interior of the interior design of the physical keys and a completely virtualized cockpit will be released with the car giant; with the help of autopilot drivers will provide a very good experience.

In addition to the comfort of the ride, the rear of the 2018 model A8, which will provide passengers with a top class service, Audi has a control department, enough for a second vehicle. In addition to reading the book during the journey to read the book in the light of the A8 also attracts attention.

More too on the interior, which because the new A8 is bigger than the car it replaces – longer by 32mm and taller by 13 in either short- or long-wheelbase (which adds another 13cm of rear legroom) – is suitably spacious. The car’s heavier too; for all the aluminium, CFRP and magnesium Audi promises it’s used in the more rigid ‘Space Frame’ chassis, it’s almost 100kg up on the old car and lardier than either of its main competitors, the (relatively) featherweight carbon-cored BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-Class.

A big, important barge of a thing relatively few will buy, and a technical achievement few have the resources or engineering might to match or surpass. It’s the new Audi A8 – the cleverest Audi of all. And so it should be, because if you really want to see what a manufacturer is truly capable of engineering, you look at its flagship. And the A8 is and always had been Audi’s, which is why the new one gets a load of tech’ we haven’t seen before, but almost certainly will on future A6s and A4s.

Audi will show you the command you want to perform either by touch or by voice, and with the front grille design on the front body design, the front grille design will be very sporty. We also observe that the rear lights of the new vehicle come to the forefront. With 12 different color options, the automobile will be enchanted with an autonomous driving technology, with an error-free autopilot experience, with no contact to traffic for up to 60 km / h. Thanks to this distinctive autonomous driving technology, you can park your A8 at the touch of a button.

In the six-cylinder versions of the A8, which were put on sale in the last quarter of 2017, the diesel and gasoline units with a volume of 3.0 liters are re-introduced. The diesel engine of this class is available at 286 horsepower and the gasoline version is offered with a 340 hp power. In the eight-cylinder versions, the 4.05 TFSI and 435-horsepower 4.0 TDI engines accompany the drivers. The twelve-cylinder 6.0-liter engine, which will deliver top performance to drivers, has managed to pick up attention.

For the time being, the new A8 will now be available to drivers with a 3.0-liter gasoline engine and 330 kW electric motor with a total of 449 horsepower and 700 Nm of the torque version of the hybrid version of the 2017 in Barcelona at the summit in Barcelona. This version, which can travel 50 kilometers in electricity mode, has a wireless charging feature. Finally, the new Audi model was launched with prices starting from € 90,600.

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