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If someone brings a DVD with no label on May 15th, you can take a look at the game, I have developed my friends and I think we are going to sell and if you want to get your ideas, you will probably say that when you play this game, you will probably like to play the game and be loyal to your criticism. When you think about it, Diablo 3 is really nice and it’s a very enjoyable game to play.

Diablo 3 starts 20 years after the second game. After the destruction of Worldstone in Dibalo II: Lord of Destruction, the Sanctuary world was prepared for an invasion by Burning Hells, but this invasion never took place. Deckard falls to Cain to find out why. One day, the stars of the sky begin to fall and the evil re-enters the Sanctuary in the form of meat and blood.

When the previous Diablo games come to mind, we see that the third game is built on a very robust infrastructure. Diablo 3 tells us not only what happened at the time, but also before the first game. This is a very nice thing, as the history and story of an installation is so broad and deep that the game is understandable and the play rate is also chilling.

In the game, the light from Lazarus to King Leoric and his sons, the events in the old games and the information that remained secret, makes the story even more dominant and makes the game even warmer. The lore and Deckard Cain, who come up with every new type of creature we come across while telling the side stories, inform us about these creatures. Of course, this does not have any effect on gameplay, but it is still a nice gesture for Blizzard to prepare his own Monstrous Manual in the game.

On the other hand, the mechanism of dialogue in the game has also been developed. Although we still do not have the option to answer as before, our character is seriously entering a dialogue instead of saying a word or two. If there was a dialogue system like in the normal RPG, the game would run out. I think it’s just fine to make a development at this level.

‘’Wake up brother, you are in danger!’’

Diablo 3’s storytelling is even stronger thanks to the above mentioned elements. In the game, besides the famous Blizzard cinematics, there are intermediate scenes prepared with game engine. Features We see one of these before the boss. The story, full of great surprises, is supported by solid characters, so you can play to learn the story even if you don’t like the whole game.

There’s nothing I can say to the cinematics between the acts. Also available in Diablo 3 is the spectacular Blizzard cinematic, which develops with Warcraft III starting with the second game, followed by WoW, and which is mentioned in Starcraft II. Although I have some frame low frame, I think this is due to my machine. In the meantime, those who do not think about playing the game, but who also wonder about cinematic I invite here.

Now let’s look at the main issue, the game mechanics. Already the biggest difference between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 lies here. The biggest reaction point is the “stat” and skill” system. As a matter of fact, we cannot talk about changes in physics mechanics or combat mechanics. Let’s start with the easiest, and then let’s go to the difficulties. As I have written this review for people who have never played Diablo before, I will also touch upon the most basic points in this study.


The fight mechanics in Diablo 3 are basically the same as the first two games. Your biggest supporter is your mouse. The keyboard keys are only a short way to give you a more comfortable and fast gameplay. With the left mouse button, you perform your secondary attacks with the right mouse button. You are also adjusting the direction of your character with your mouse.

Although it is generally a comfortable orientation and combat mechanics, there are some disruptions especially in crowded enemy groups and small spaces. For example, when you attack a group of creatures of 10-15 people, your cursor turns to the sword mark and your character attacks instead of scrolling. If your character is a melee, which is exactly the case for Barbarian and Monk, there is no problem, but when the characters who perform the ranged attack are fleeing the enemy, the problem is only when the only escape route is between the enemies.

On the other hand, improvements have also added a different atmosphere to the gameplay. Those who already played the beta understood more or less what I was talking about. The interactions in the departments are more enjoyable, and perhaps a little tactical. It makes the gameplay more dynamic, like chasing the chandeliers on enemies, breaking cracked walls and so on. In addition, objects that you cannot normally break in the battle of the field with the destruction of the game in terms of realism also raise the quality of the game.

Another feature added to the combat system is the Massacre feature. Depending on the number of enemies you have killed in a certain amount of time, the game gives you extra points and accelerates your level. This encourages the player to dive among such crowded groups. The same thing goes for the stuff around. Drums, vases, etc. that you can break in any case. However, as I said, you get extra experience points, especially in the field attacks, from the excess of broken objects.

‘’They’re going to fall.’’

I’ve already told many things about the physics of Diablo 3 in the fighting section. Large creatures scattering their limbs around after death, blood or liquid flowing through them, splashing water effects, or movements of the characters on the characters are very well prepared.

The animations of the creatures’ death animations are pleasant, and the shadows are unobtrusive. Perhaps the point of physics in a dash of characters in each other to pass, but it is also prepared to be comfortable in this situation. As a matter of fact, as Diablo fans will know, you can find dozens of creatures in front of you, and you may not have a chance to escape. In some spells, the magic of this wall of the wall of some of the creatures, the engine of this idea is also processed. In short, the physics engine of the game saves itself from general criticism.

When we say an RPG game, we know that although we have no other characteristics, we can develop our character. I think everyone would agree with me. Indeed, leave pure RPG games, even in most games, character development feature is used. Well, I’m not sure why Blizzard went to such a change in the statutes when these types of games adapted to the foundation stone of RPG.

Firstly, the character screen and the inventory screen are combined in the game. On the right side of the screen we see the silhouette of our carcasser below and we see our inventory. Diablo 3 has four statuses. These are respectively power (STR), agility (Dex), intelligence (Int) and life force (Vit) Armor and Damage. While your armor is of course increased with the items you wear, the figure given here is the sum of the numbers written in the Armor section of the items on your item and the number of your Dexterity level. When you come over, the percentage that comes up shows the percentage of creatures that are at the same level as you.

Damage describes the damage you give to the creatures. This is determined by the degree of your primary status, which is determined by the damage power of your hand and by the class of your character.

If you click on Details at the bottom, you can see the details of your attack, defense, life force and resource values right from the list on the left side. .

Among the statues, power was determined as Barabar, agility Demon Hunter and Monk, and intelligence as the main stardom of Witch Doctor and Wizard. These stats automatically increase when you jump to each level. The value of which stat is worth is determined by the game itself according to the class of your character. For the talents, forget about the tree system. Strangely enough, it is a second dream to have this system removed from the Diablo of the years, even in other RPG games.

Another is the capabilities you can place in the action bar between the two spheres underneath your screen in Action Bar Skills. These are divided into four parts. These sections simply represent the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 assigned to the bar.

Finally, Passive Skills are available. Although you have 15 abilities in total, your character can choose only three of them. Of course, you can change them at any time. In addition to the new game, the rune system is changing. This system, which is similar to socket insertion in Diablo 2, is now done with Rune. Each talent has five runes of its own and opens as they reach certain levels. However, none of these five races is a continuation of the previous one. They all have their own bonuses. So for example, if the first rune decreases the cooldown of that ability by 10 seconds, the second rune does not drop for 15 seconds, it gives a completely different effect. Of course, by jumping to the level of the rune you open later on the paper gives more powerful bonuses, but the first rune can benefit more than the last opening.


Diablo 3 is a much brighter game than the first two games. Even the dark air of Luth Golein in the second game is unfortunately not available in the third game New Tristram. Unfortunately, the drowning of that atmosphere left us behind in our new game. Yes, it is a very old technology, but the dominance of pastel colors and the expansion of the color scale obviously frustrated me. I’ve been writing this from the first beta. The game on the PC can be Diablo 3, but the world on the screen is definitely not Sanctuary.

Despite this, the designs in the game are seriously beautiful. Lighting, shading and modeling have been of great importance both in open spaces and in closed spaces, but still it cannot solve the atmosphere problem.


The multiplayer mode that starts with Diablo 2 comes out in the third game. You can now enter the game in a compulsory way. Even if you play a one-man task, you must be constantly in touch. When you open already, a WoW-style Battle.net login screen appears first.

In the main menu, next to a single game, there is a part called ere public games ve where you will find games that are opened to the common area according to your character level. In total you can co-op up to four people including you and you can do the tasks together. In co-op games, you can win as much as single games.

You can open your own game to the public with friends or people you can continue to the story. However, the multiplayer part is just PvE. Only you are fighting the creatures that Diablo has to offer you. No PvP available for the game yet. Rumor has it that the first additional package will be released, but a supplementary package of a 12-year-old game is always out in 3-4 years. The absence of the PvP next to the server disgrace on the day of departure was also a negative aspect.

So what’s the last word? What could be said to be a legend to Blizzard, the last heir to a legacy like Diablo? In fact, I gave an answer in the review section of the article. This is a really cool game. It’s not perfect, it’s definitely just a very nice game that is mediocre. But this is just a very nice GAME.

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