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It’s the best till Naughty Dog does better!

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End wraps you up when you press the start button and offers great moments for a long time. The story that starts with tiny shocks gives the tempo first and then it is lightened. When he realizes that you will be bored, he puts something new in front of you, this time you do not understand how time is spent trying to consume him. Your attention is always to keep your attention high by “playing every card in the right way”.

Where were we last? Nathan Drake found Irem City with the help of his friends and Sully’s endless support and barely saved his life while the magnificent hidden city was buried in the sand. When it was no longer a mystery, a puzzle and a new adventure, it was time for the treasure hunter to retire. His new life meant leaving old friends like Sully, Chloe, and Cutter behind.

When Nathan Drake abandoned treasure hunting, there was no more reason for her not to join Elena Fisher. Nathan’s daily life became less interesting with maps, mysterious mechanisms and notorious enemies. Marlowe was replaced by mortgages; treasures were replaced by cargoes under the sea. A safer life, no doubt, but if Nathan Drake doesn’t break the stairs as he steps out of a ladder, how long will it be when he lives?

Yes, Elena is happy with him and definitely has a better standard of living (her house is very nice!). Is it enough? Since he flew to Italy in the first spark, he is not enough for us to be reasonable, happy and sufficient. When his older brother, who he thought had been dead for 15 years, leaned on his door, Nathan found that escape point that he could not confess to, and had to return to the fields. Two brothers who had left their fate in search of the treasure they were looking for 15 years ago, once again come together and go after the same treasure. The pirate captain must find Henry Avery’s treasure worth $ 400 million because he’s got Sam’s life out of money. This time, Nathan begins to draw on his notebook for the safety of his brother, not for his passions.

Because Heny Avery is a pirate, you have to travel around the world to find the treasure. The adventure, which started in Italy, goes to Scotland immediately after. Of course I will not spoil any surprises because both the details of the embargo given to us are very clear and I do not want to deprive you of this wonderful adventure.


If you haven’t played Uncharted before, there’s something you need to know: In this game, story and storytelling never stop. Each character written for the game has a weight, effect within the total duration of construction. Chat, narration, deer, sadness, comedy and every piece of story you can think of goes on throughout the game. During the conflict, Sully complains about dropping her cigarette, the problem with the Cutter phone, Elena has a different problem … So the part where you play the game is also full. This has never changed and the same tradition continues in Uncharted 4. When Nathan cannot climb, his brother mocks him, he tries to tell Sam by telling the enemy, Sully is controlling the blueprint … The game is constantly but steadily adjusting the pace.

It’s an insatiable experience to watch and play with Uncharted 4 when all of these characters are as real as we feel and touch. From Nathan to Sully, to Elena, to Sam, everyone is so hot, it’s like they’re not a game character, but like our friends who were with us five minutes ago. Uncharted 4: If you’ve played other games of the series, you’ll understand what I’m talking about when playing A Thief’s End. Five years after the first time you see them in your face as if you see your favorite old friends will see a grin. You can even cheer up and stay in the coffee. Although I write what I write here is empty. You need to play the game and experience them, remember the past.

Already the same situation reminds us why such long-term games as Uncharted 4 have such long-term development processes. There is a very, very serious mo-cap work in both cinematic and gameplay. You can even easily say that you have managed to be the best in this area. The movements of the character, their reactions to their surroundings, and the fact that every action is carried out for a certain purpose indicate a tremendous performance. From Nolan North to Troy Baker, it is impossible not to appreciate the work that has been done when all the players think that they have been working in the studio for months.

I also briefly talk about a new feature added to Uncharted on cinematics basis. We are now able to intervene in cinematic mode in a “casual” manner. The story doesn’t change, but Naughy Dog offers gamers the right choice and the stage is moving forward.

The Order: 1886 was very criticized and had some important innovations for the game world. The most important of these was the combination of pre-rendered scenes and in-game scenes. One of the biggest trumps of Uncharted 4 is this technique. Most of the time, the cinematic / game transition is done without a flash and you are in no way detached from the moment. When the loading times are solved with intermediate scenes, you can enjoy a seamless game. Moreover, thanks to this technology, we are moving into cinemas at the same time, and then many more characters can play in the episode at the same time.

The gameplay also aims to offer the classic Uncharted experience enriched to you. The parts that we control are divided into action / privacy, space puzzles and platform. Since the sacred triad of production is spreading throughout the game in a homogeneous way, none of them dominate the other, and the game is quite entertaining. Of course, these mechanics from previous games have become large-scale thanks to the power of PS4.


The maps of the game are too gigantic to be compared to other Uncharteds’. Now our researches, our conflicts are spreading over a wide range of areas and you can easily enjoy every in-game mechanics. In this way, armed conflicts are both enjoyable and more privacy than ever before. I know, there was privacy in the previous games of the series, but in Uncharted 4, this mechanic is really tough.

When he gets enough of his flock, which he can escape and hide, Nathan’s ability in this field is increasing. If we include the experience of privacy-oriented gameplay coming from Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us, the enemy types that see us in the second, and which can be neutralized in one way, are also in history. The long bushes that can be stored, the enemies that fill the bars, and the tiny additions such as target marking, have reinforced the place of this mechanics in the game.

If the armed clashes have not changed, I can say. Again the classic Uncharted experience will be waiting for you. In fact, the most untouched part of the game is that I have been lying about armed conflicts. It wasn’t an area that was already a problem, and Naughty Dog didn’t touch the clashes by making small supports. That’s the place that has already touched at some point and is the most prone to the game. Even though the fights are full, they have a certain offensive key because they have a rolling key in the game.


Another new mechanic that was added to Uncharted 4 is our rope. This rope gives us more space control on the maps. The game is pushing us to use this hooked rope at many points. Thanks to this rope, we can walk on the walls, throw ourselves to the hard-to-reach points, or ride on top of the enemies. Uncharted’s basic mechanics well fed because it is not grinning.

Speaking of ready-made gameplay, I would like to point out another point where Uncharted 4 is able to be powerful: Multiplayer Options. Probably the ones who thought about getting the game got a general idea by joining both of the betas, but this part is really more than it seems.

Naughty Dog, in multiplayer mode with slightly weaker graphics than scenario mode, targets a performance of 60fps and certainly achieves it. With 4 different game modes and 8 different maps, the online part also has a brand new degree system. After the five-point determination match, you take your place in the system according to your success and you are starting a big competition with other players.

The four game modes include a classic Team Death Match, Flag Grabbing, Zone Pickup, and finally the new-listed Graded Team Death Match. Although the multiplayer part is as robust as a single-player game, it is annoying that the modes are lacking and lack of creativity.

The biggest two innovations in the multiplayer part, which appears in the series in a way that makes all the characters appear or appear, are the Mystical Talents and Psalms. With Spirit of Djinn, players can swing and teleport, while El Dorado’s Rage follows the enemies and gives them constant damage. They are all fun and work seamlessly with Uncharted 4’s conflict mechanics. We cut points to open them and other limited equipment we can use in the game. Every move is rewarded with money and we buy these capabilities for use. A simple solution was found for players not to spam the same capabilities continuously: the price of a gear or magic is increasing at every purchase.


Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. While the long development process has been painful for us, the clean business that is emerging is worth your wait. Thanks to the PS4, when the maps grow, drawing distances increase, the console’s best-looking game appears. Breathtaking landscapes are embellished with tremendous details and the Uncharted 4 turns into a visual feast. The reflection of all these beauties on our screens without any fps drop proves what the Naughty Dog is doing. The Day-0 update, which is also included in the review versions of the game, is one of the smoothest games for PS4, as it is something that focuses on content rather than errors (such as Photo Mode, Graphics modes).

The focus of immense visuality lies in character modeling and amazing animations. All characters have very realistic lines and are moving in an organic way according to their conditions. As I mentioned before, I won’t bend over to the mo-cap for a long time, but this creativity in the animations makes the game character come to life.

Again Nathan and the other characters are very harmonious to the environment. If Nathan comes out of the water, the water is flowing in a realistic way. In a snowy environment, their legs are slowly polluted, and they become carcass in muddy environments. Consequently, all of these environmental conditions are reflected in the game with a great realism.

As a result, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End manages to fit into an adventure that lasts 12 to 14 hours, with a man trying to out stage everything, with himself, with his past and with his loved ones. Not only the PlayStation 4 platform, but one of the best games of the last years, with its details and great effort. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End might be what you’re looking for if you’re looking for an insatiable adventure that’s warm in character these days.

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