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A Way Out is a game that won a huge fan base since its first announcement in E3 2017. The film, produced by Josef Fares, the producer of a cult game such as Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons came to the attention of Hazelight. We are all aware that A Way Out’s gameplay is the most attractive part. It is attractive to have two characters with two different stories and two different players to play as split screen co-ops.

For those who don’t know, if you have a friend who owns or owns A Way Out, you can call someone for free. This person can play the whole game for free. However, underline that the person you invite cannot continue the game while you are away. So if you want to finish the story together, agree and finish together. Otherwise, things can turn to a conflict. EA Games, publisher of A Way Out, is trying to tell us that we’re not as bad a game developer as we think here. A game that has a very affordable price tag and you can give it to a player free of charge, is not really an EA movement, but it’s actually A Way Out. This game has a different idea until the end was supported.

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Now let’s see A Way Out. There are two characters named Vincent and Leo in the game. Right after the two players choose between these characters, we start our story. The beginning of the prison game that we see in the fragments and here we learn the basis of the story and witness the beginning of the connection between the two characters. The adventures of these duos that know each other for a short time, but still protect their backs like a brother, are really worth seeing. I’ll be content to say that the story of the game is just beautiful. Because, the basis of this game is already the story and the cinematic experience it offers. So the fewer Spoilers you eat, the more you enjoy the game.

The storytelling of the game is very successful. The options offered to you, the passing dialogues, the emotional wounds the characters have due to past events, have been beautifully processed. This raises the playability of the game. The game, which has a total of eight hours of gameplay in total, is short enough. Because the game actually offers a cinematic experience and cinematic as well as playing time. Maybe the players would get bored if the game was longer. In addition, the two players to play together to play together to spend time is actually spending time.

Developed with Unreal Engine, A Way Out was able to impress us with its graphics. Even though it is not an open world game, the environmental details of the game have been kept high and these details have been studied extensively. Even though you are on an open land, we cannot go out of the area offered by you. However, if we had, I was still running in the fields. The game, which has a warm color palette, makes the atmosphere more player-friendly and attracts itself. In short, everything works beautifully in the game.

As a result, A Way Out puts players together by presenting co-op gameplay in a way that has never been done and offers a story that needs to be experienced. The reasonable price and the fact that a person will play for free is one of the basics.

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