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PlayStation VR’s first ambitious game in 2018, The Inpatient is in a world where we are not strangers. The same company, Supermassive Games’s other games Until the Dawn and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood games in the same universe in the construction of the fear are still in the foreground. Of course, behind the scenes not only fear, but also a curious and mysterious story.

The Inpatient is 60 years ahead of Until Dawn, a story about a group of friends’ horrific adventures. Naturally there are some references to Up Dawn in the game. The overall story of the game is quite different than Until Dawn. Because when we look at both gameplay and general dynamics, the game has many different aspects. Nevertheless, butterfly effect is positioned at the center of the work just like in Until Dawn. In fact, we see that the firm has stopped over this fact in the games it has recently released. In addition to Until Dawn, we also saw this operation in the second game of the Playlink concept, Hidden Agenda, and we have witnessed how many elections have changed the game.

the inpatient

Before mentioning the story of the game, let’s talk about the Butterfly Effect. The Butterfly Effect, which is also related to Chaos Theory, is simply to explain; the small changes in the big results. This situation arises from the thesis that a butterfly flap can cause a large hurricane to occur in different parts of the world. In other words, the fact that even small elections in the game may have different results. While you are already playing, you can realize these choices that affect the story with small butterfly flights.

The story of The Inpatient obviously, the story of the game, as I said at the beginning, is one of the most important factors which is based on the element of curiosity and manages to keep the game dynamic. We start the game in a wheelchair where our feet are tied. When we look at the type of a doctor who resembles an authorized brothers in any case after being questioned by our doctor retreat to our room. As we don’t remember our past, we don’t know what we have in this gigantic hospital. On top of it with another patient who came to our room and hanging in every movement with a little out of the events. When the delusions we see and all these question marks come together, The Inpatient’s story becomes inextricable.

An important part of the game is based on elections. At the start of the initial interrogation, your roommate, nurses, and all of the choices you make in the game further evolve the story. After a short period of time, the game has become a mess in the form of dialogue and the dreams you see. Of course, you get your share of this mess because with this confusion in your mind which is the real, which is the dream of questions begin to return.

Filled with question marks, the horror moments in the story were mostly eaten in free time. At times you may be scared by light phenomena that are caused by the atmosphere, while at some moments you are frightened by what we call jump scare. Of course, apart from these horror moments, I must say that the game is progressing in a constant tension. So even in normal dialogue moments, you are in doubt with your character. You start questioning the movements of characters that behave close to you or enter a normal conversation. “Or is it all an experiment, as the man brought to me as one of them?” Questions begin to wander your mind.

Apart from the moments of chat and delusion, it is possible to learn different details about the story of the game. In this context, you can examine some objects around. So you can take a bite from the sandwich that stands on the coffee table, and you are allowed to catch some details by examining the piece of paper one of the nurses forgot.

One of the most interesting aspects of the game is character movements. similar to the kind of games that move a lot more, especially in the left and right to go to the character of your life in some moments may bother you. Of course, the VR game, because the normal left and right turns 15, 30 and 45 degree angles can be done. When you release the turns in the settings, you are experiencing dizziness, the biggest shortage of virtual reality players. So my advice is to make this rotation angle with 30 or 45 degrees.

As a result, The Inpatient is a good virtual reality game of horror type. In this respect, he does not rediscover America, but fulfills almost all the requirements of this discovery. If you are looking for a pure horror game you may be a little upset, but if you like the mysterious stories where dialogues are important, and you already have PlayStation VR, then you should take a look at The Inpatient.

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