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At the first announcement, we are fighting against huge giants in the Shadow of the Colossus, which emerged as Wanda and Colossus. So what caused us to kill this Colossus? Glory, glory or revenge? None of. Even though the production team does not give much detail on this subject, it has enabled us to identify with the character in a short time. We don’t know why this character died.

When we open the game this detail is brought into our eyes and after a long journey we cross a huge bridge that is so long and we step into the Temple of the Ancients. So when you close the door here, you start to realize that there is no turning back. To reproduce this girl as a great voice says it is enough to kill 16 giants, but in the end without taking into account what will bring us to the road, darkening our eyes.


The main theme of the Shadow of the Colossus strikes your face as a slap as soon as you leave the temple. Unlike the other games of the company, we can say that large areas are waiting for us. Moreover, these areas have brought about all the beauties of nature. As you progress, you are enchanted by the details and landscapes you encounter. Of course, all these beauties in the face of the game are a simple tale of a simple structure makes you feel.

In this fairy tale atmosphere, our greatest helper is Agro, our faithful horse. Every time we speak, Agro does not leave us indifferent and does not leave us alone even in the most difficult times. It becomes one of the most important elements of our connection to the game in a short time. Already used in the company’s double character phenomenon in this game is installed on Agro. So Ico Yorda, The Last Guardian trico anyway, in this game I can say that Agro. You spend most of the game on horseback. Of course there are places where you need to get off your horse or you should continue alone. However, when the bond is so strong, you often feel the need to control Agro.

When you start playing the Shadow of the Colossus, the only question you can think of is when you encounter the first giant. How did they do such a game in 2005? Now, we cannot accept the fact that the huge creatures or areas that do not appear to be tipped are very normal. That is how impressive it was to encounter the first Colossus in the Gods of War to hit the Chaos blades on the side of the Hydra from right to left. Of course, when you play this new version of the game, your mouth won’t stay open, but I can still say that these giants will impress you a lot.

Kill 16 giants in the game is not as easy as it looks. First you need to find these giants. At this point, our cursed sword runs to our aid, and when we lift him up, we understand the direction in which our next target is. Afterwards, the job is going to that side and looking for our target. Again in the same way you can identify the weak points of the giants through this sword. We also have an arrow, bow duo, which we need to use to attract the attention of the giants or use tactics. the way you kill each giant is different from each other. So sometimes you climb over your heels, sometimes you’re trying to look at a giant’s beard. There are giants that float you in meters of meters, as well as the giants who drift you in meters of water. In this regard, the production team kept the imagination quite wide and achieved this in 2005.

Shadow of the Colossus is a construction that contains many details, even though the giants are found in the form of kill. It is an amazing pleasure to go with Agro. Even when you’re running around in empty spaces, you’re starting to get caught up in that fairy atmosphere of the game, with varying camera angles. One of the most important points of the PS4 version is that the game is completely rebuilt. It’s not one of the remaster games we’re used to, Shadow of the Colossus. We can say that Bluepoint Games has completely reworked the same story, remaining true to its original. As such, the game’s already impressive artistic management, together with the reconstructed graphics, is enormous. Obviously I have to admit that we found the visual aspect of the game much better than I expected. You can’t help yourself by examining the details of every building you’ve encountered, and getting lost in the company of beautiful views.

As a result, Shadow of the Colossus has already proved its age and offers an adventure that will never come to your mind for years. Some of the scenes are coming away while you are disappearing in the fairy tale atmosphere of the game, so it is hard for you not to cry. As I have already mentioned in The Last Guardian review, it is very difficult to get the pleasure you expect from Shadow of the Colossus if you have played and disliked Team ICO games. Because the game offers you neither a great action nor a complicated gameplay. On the contrary, you encounter a very naive story and gameplay. Already the game is the most beautiful, or rather the side of the other productions. You know, you’ll find a shining, one-of-a-kind difference between hundreds of pebbles at the coast. Here you can simulate Shadow of the Colossus.

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