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The subject of Aegis Defenders can be confusing at times of mystical times and when people are creating their own Gods. Clu and her grandfather, the main characters of our story, see themselves as treasure hunters and the old temples found in the market by selling the valuable items they provide. In a town they visit, they encounter an old (not to mention old) robot, which is quite advanced according to the technology we currently own. This robot, named Kobo, plans to track down the producer Aegis, and the team agrees. I’m going to tell you why the name of the game is “Aegis Defenders.”

The game, which is a kind of a different alternative, actually combines three different types of games: Puzzle, the platform and Tower Defense. Don’t look at the puzzle and platform types separately, making it actually consists of two parts. In the puzzle-platform section, there is a situation where the puzzles and platform elements must be united during the chapter. As for the end of the episode, the real event begins.


Before I talk about the Tower Defense episodes, let me tell you how Aegis Defenders plays. Some of our adventurous characters are features. Clu is an agile girl with a blue outfit and a blue gun, and her grandfather is more of a defender with a yellow suit, a yellow pullover and a yellow turret. The war system in construction is actually very simple. If a blue gun is fired with a blue gun, it takes full damage, the same goes for yellow. The enemies we encounter during the adventure are certain colors: yellow, blue, red and purple. Yellow and blue part is understood, but what can be done for other colors? Of course, if the game continues, things will be a little easier or harder with the characters we will meet during the story, this is entirely dependent on the perspective of the person playing. Personally, I was not forced, because you have to change between two characters, you need to solve the puzzle or protect an important object.

At the end of the episodes, Tower Defense actually manages to add a different air to the game. Normally it had been a long time since I played a Tower Defense game. Aegis Defenders manages to present this concept to players in an easy way. Grandfather, as I explained, is able to set up a turret, so he closes attacks from certain places. But that doesn’t mean that the turrets are immortal, especially in your eyes. If you are already hit with a hammer turret can be given again. Clu, at first, did not work. Only the character who can set up a bomb is able to set up a barbed trap at the end of the first episode, which can reduce the blue-colored enemies very quickly. Before we fight, we can fly with some enemies, so the thorny trap that you do sometimes doesn’t work, so you have to keep an eye on the gates where the enemies come out. In fact, the game itself does a great job. Upcoming and out-of-screen enemies, suddenly showing up with the arrow and running to go there to help.

Not to mention, Aegis Defenders is currently doing what most games don’t do and brings back the mechanics called split-screen. The same screen, which we can play as two characters on the same screen, was made by thinking with the logic of how it would be if it had more than one player together with the one-man game logic. As you can see, Aegis Defenders is also successful in the multiplayer part.

Construction has a certain amount of money and RP system. The money system is easily hidden from enemies or platforms that we have overthrown. With the money we have bought, we can change the weapons we have with new ones or alternatives, or we can buy strong versions. RP system is quite different. While we are talking between two characters, we have options in Visual Novel style. While giving 3RP to give the correct answer, it gives 1RP to give the wrong answer. The purpose of RPs is to move your defensive vehicles to some level, that is, to increase their lives or damage.

I didn’t have much of a problem with the production during the gameplay, the graphics were perfectly fluent and the sound quality was great, we already know that a pixel-based game needs a very high system. No matter how beautiful he is, he has no mistakes. You are given a time before the last chapter begins. You may need to protect approximately 6 doors within 1 minute. I think what we should do is increase the time we will eat as the waves pass. One time, I came across a strange problem. I didn’t put a turret or a defender on the ground, especially because it flew away from my head, which meant that the department was going to end early. The same thing that I had to protect with the death of the lens came at the same time and the game was confused in a moment, a single fixed camera remained, no matter how long I reset the game, the camera still remained in the same place. But don’t be intimidated by this, only once I’ve lived, apart from that in terms of graphical, story and gameplay, Aegis Defenders must be tried, especially if you like Tower Defense-style games, one of the rare productions you should be looking at.

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