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Formerly pure action-packed, easy to play, learn, entertaining productions, slowly replaced by dozens of mechanics, hours to learn, fun for the player to be left in the works waiting for a work. For this reason, people are longing for easy and fun to learn.

One of the last examples of this culture and pure action is Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown. First of all, let’s say that Ace Combat 7 is not a simulation game, but in this game, those looking for realism other than visuality will be disappointed. The Ace Combat 7 is based on arcade mechanics, a fun-only, old-style arcade cabinet.

Ace Combat 7

Ace Combat 7 doesn’t offer us anything except his impressive graphics and story, so I won’t give you the slightest spoilers on the story side. The whole story, however, is about the war between the Osean Federation and the Kingdom of Erusea, two imaginary countries in the Ace Combat universe. For those who do not know the series, we can replace the Osean Federation with the United States, and the Kingdom of Erusea as the Russian.

The whole story of the game is described with intermediate scenes which are shown in CGI and shown in the sections. I personally like the quality of these CGIs. Even with average English, the game can be easily understood. In general, the quality of the story is very gripping according to this type of game. The orchestral music that supports the story is amazing. I’ve already heard the sound of the Ace Combat music before, as I experienced it one-on-one with the new game, and I’ve come to understand the truthful of praise.

Now let’s see what Ace Combat 7 has to offer us and how it does it. Ace Combat 7 is a delicious game that is built on a completely arcade gameplay, interspersed with spectacular graphics and a soundtrack that is not accustomed to a game of this type. Although the Ace Combat series and, of course, the last game in an alternative universe, the warplanes we use in the real world is exactly the same as what we see. In fact, they are all licensed. From the Cold War era to the planes now in the prototype stage, there is a wide range.

The F-16 Fighting Falcon, which is the main force in the inventory of the Turkish Armed Forces, including the F-22, which I personally see as the Lamborghini of the warplanes, is also in the game. Of course, warplanes from Russia, Europe and East Asia have also taken part in the game. The appearance of the planes is exactly the same as their real situation. Although the performances do not fully reflect the reality due to the arcade infrastructure of the game, of course you can get a better performance than F-16 with F-22.

The only thing that the game offers you in terms of airplanes is not the aircraft itself, you can spend the points you earn on your performance throughout the game’s story, spend it on the pieces that will develop the planes, and get a better performance than the planes. Some parts increase the maneuverability and speed capabilities of the aircraft, while others increase the power of your weapons. You can also use the majority of the pieces you buy in story mode in the game’s multiplayer mode. However, some parts cannot be used in multiplayer mode due to balancing problems. These pieces are also mentioned in the development tree (Campaign Only). Also some tracks are special to multi-player mode.

The story tasks of the game are as varied as you’d expect from an airplane game. In some missions he focuses on ground targets, in some missions he floats among the clouds to fly from the radar, in some flies close to the ground, in some it pushes the limits of the dogfight, and in some you are fighting with the most legendary pilots of the universe of the game. Each aircraft’s own special SP shortened weapons can make your work easier. But I have to say that the game is not as easy as it looks. In the normal difficulty mode, I have to try some of the tasks 10 times again, which is a good player in this type of game. In short, Ace Combat 7 is not a simple game. But there is a system where the game helps you. In the game’s control settings, the player is offered two different gameplay systems.

 Easy system, you can control the plane by tilting your gamepad’s bar to the left and left and you can automatically correct the plane when you turn upside down. In the story, the standard mode offers a more impressive camera experience, while in the multiplayer mode you can perform better with the advanced mode. But the general reputation is up to you.

Ace Combat 7’s most ambitious subject is the graphics of the game. The Unreal Engine 4 engine, using the engine, lighting forced the boundaries of the engine. With intermediate software called TrueSKY, Ace Combat 7 turns volumetric clouds in front of you.

Ace Combat 7 has done great work on the voices. The jaws ripped from the ears, the sound of all the voices when you enter into the clouds, radio conversations, the sound of rockets, the producers have achieved successful results. If the music is out of the game after the YouTube can be said to be high quality.

To sum up, Ace Combat 7 is a production that meets our expectations in a visual sense, has succeeded in giving us the action-packed gaming experience we used to use, and that influenced us with its story. If you’ve played the series before and like, Ace Combat 7 will surely meet your expectations. However, if you have no interest in either the series or the species, you may be disappointed.

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