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Simulation games, which appeal to a more niche audience than other types of games, have started to become quite detailed in recent years. Producers who simulate almost everything that is a mechanical game, informs us about the things we never know and can have a very enjoyable time. However, I must underline that the simulation games are very thin in terms of gameplay. After all, this is a game and the players need to be connected to the game in some way. Even though the complexity of the simulation games is still a big part of the game segment, you can get through this complexity by giving the game a few hours. Train Simulator 2019 also appeared as a game in this style.

Developed by Dovetail Games, the series’s new game isn’t one of the most significant innovations, but there are exciting new content for the players who follow the series closely. At the end of the day ‘This is a train, just going back and forth here! ‘I hear you say. But it is necessary to say that a great craft lies beneath being a mechanic. Although nowadays the mechanic task is gradually delivered to the hands of artificial intelligence, Train Simulator 2019 teaches you more than how to use the trains. Besides the mechanical and digital accent of the trains, you can be sure that you will encounter information you never knew in this game.

 Train Simulator 2019


First of all, if we talk about innovations, the Dovetail team has added the direct route to Portsmouth this year, the Frankfurt high-speed train line in Germany, and the Soldier Summit and Salt Lake City routes in America. If you haven’t had the chance to play the series before, these innovations may seem a little foreign to you, and in fact, it doesn’t seem like much innovation. However, along with these routes, some of the new locomotives, some of which are electric, are ICE, DB and EMD classes. Besides, I can guarantee that you will spend long hours on these routes, which brings 21 new tasks to the game. You can create your own mission map with the new locomotives and you can also publish these mission maps for other players through Steam Workshop.

The game is graphically unfortunately again without changing the old engine was released. But the developers are aware of this time, wanted to add some updates to the game with technical details. Although these updates have been brought to bring the game to the quality of today’s graphics, Train Simulator 2019 has still not received full marks from us. If we compare the technical side of the game with the last game of Farming Simulator, we can say that Train Simulator is quite behind. However, there are not many games in the hands of the physics of the game. So at least this kind of aha When you slowly accelerate the trains, the sense of realism that the game has brought to the player is invaluable. The sound is also very successful in the construction, did not skip any details on this issue.

The new content in Train Simulator will keep you entertained for quite some time if you enjoy the game itself. But it’s hard to ignore the fact that they’ve built all of this “new” stuff upon an aging platform. As mentioned, Train Simulator has been running for about 10 years now. And, really, it still looks that way.

The game, or rather the biggest minus side of the series is the nightmare of downloadable content is still distressed. When you purchase Train Simulator 2019, the game gives you the trains you need to play the game. But if you’re expecting more from the game, you’ll have to cast almost a fortune. Because almost 2 thousand dollars in the game DLC’s. Yeah, you didn’t hear it wrong. Two thousand dollars! If you want to have all the extra trains in the game, you have to dispose of this fee. Of course, it is worth noting that most trains are unnecessary in terms of tasks in the game.

At the end, if you like simulation games and are looking for some different flavors, you can choose Train Simulator 2019. But if you’re a player who’s been looking at simulation games so far, I suggest you take a look at more games.

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