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Independent game developer Tiny Trinket Games, Azuran Tales: With Trials, we are a candidate for the nineties to be the representative of today’s challenging, sleazy game genre. In fact Azuran Tales for Trials; Today’s games and nostalgic platform games of the past is more accurate to say a mix. While the game is approaching today’s games with games inspired by games such as Souls series games, Dark Souls, Deamon Souls and Bloodborne, it is a two-dimensional platform game, combat mechanics and storytelling it seems.

Azuran Tales: Trials is a compelling game. The difficulty of the game is not based on the two-dimensional platform games, bouncing and trying to jump over something. The main challenge of the game is the simultaneous gameplay of the enemy and platform elements. Azuran Tales: Similar to Souls games in Trials, you are fighting against giant enemies at the end of the episode. As you progress in the game and discover deeper on the map, the enemies you encounter in the section are getting harder. Similarity to Souls games is not only in enemy structures. It also appears in the basic dynamics of the game.

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Azuran Tales: Trials also exists when you are used to the Souls games, the items you collect when you die, stay in the place where you die and go back to where you died when you were born again. For example, you collect all the parts of the game that we use during the development of the gold coins that are lost in the game currency, you are trying to get back to where you died to get back to the moment. The Checkpoint system doesn’t start from where you died, but from certain points you’ve activated before. At the points called Altar of the nine gods you can store the gold you collect; you can use your character’s armor, weapons, magic, and health bar for durability enhancements.

The bar, called Convition, is so full of damage that you can damage your opponent. You can also fill this bar using the bundles distributed in various parts of the map. But compared to other games that use the mana system, Azuran Tales: Trials, Convition bar is filled for a short time then begins to decrease.

You can use this convolution bar to fill the moment you can fill the convition bar, you can make your character health improvement, your enemies to throw lightning on the enemy, or instant pauses, such as the ability to use the character features. The direction in which your character will develop will determine the choices you make. You can grow in close combat or magic, use the items you collect to improve your strength, health or endurance.

Azuran Tales: There are 15 different sections in the Trials with its layered structure. Map design also includes layered structure and non-compelling platform and puzzle elements. This is where the difficulty of the game comes into play. When you are alone, the enemies you overcome in some way can be quite challenging when combined with platform elements. It can be frustrating to go back to checkpoint after death.

Compared to a platform game, Azuran Tales: We can’t say that the platform elements of the Trials are a lot of fun. Especially the character animations are not very fluent, they do not look good to eye, jumping bouncing, rolling dynamics such as rolling away from fun. As you progress in the game, you are challenging enemies. But to kill enemies, it is necessary to do the same moves, that is, to pass quickly behind the enemy and attack from behind. While this static battle mechanics have a good feeling of being hit, it makes us feel the lack of the dynamics of determining new strategies according to the opponent, which we are accustomed to from such challenging games.

The underground god Drukandra finds the soul of our character and sends him to the Azuran world to eliminate Magrath. Will you be able to accomplish the survival test in this tough world full of challenging enemies and traps? Azuran Tales: You can learn the story of Trials by reading the pages of the books you find around. However, since there is no deep and interesting story, you stop reading these inscriptions after a while.

To sum up Azuran Tales: Trials, platform games, draws attention to the difficulty of the gameplay dynamics of RPG games in the same pot as a game is trying to melt. We can say that this is really a very difficult and ambitious choice for an independent firm. It is noteworthy that there are problems in game play, platform elements, map designs and character animations where good-looking monster battles and enemy atmosphere are good.

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