Blazeblue Crosstag Battle New Tab for Google Chrome

If you admire games from Japan as well as fighting games, I want to stop for a minute and tell you that you found the game you are looking for. BlazeBlue, Persona 4 Arena, Under Night In-Birth and RWBY games of the famous characters who fought against the game BlazeBlue Cross Tag Battle for this reason you can be amazed.

BlazeBlue Cross Tag Battle is a fighting game based on teamwork rather than an individual game. The developers of the old Tekken Tag games are able to play BlazeBlue Cross Tag Battle on a beautiful structure. The fighter list of the construction that brings together the world of more than one game is also quite bulky. You can find your own fighting style and you can find the fighter you feel closest to yourself in the game. Therefore, I would like to say that you will not be attracted to the game in any way.


I find it absurd to compare BlazeBlue Cross Tag Battle with games that have been successfully transferred to the next generation, such as Mortal Kombat, Tekken or Street Fighter, in terms of presentation style. Already the developer team has not seen itself with NetherRealm or Capcom, we can skip this situation. Even though it is not unique, it is possible to like BlazeBlue Cross Tag Battle with other Japanese productions and its drawing style that resembles the Persona series if you like Japanese games. But if you don’t like the Japanese drawing style, I suggest you stay away from the BlazeBlue Cross Tag Battle. We start our story with a fake story called Ragna in the new game that has a unique story. One of the easiest characters to learn, Ragna collides with almost all the fighters in the story. Developers with chibi-style graphics decorate the game with the classic game modes that we see in different fighting games as well as story mode.

Fighting mechanics are similar to the fighting games we saw in the old arcade machines. There are already more than one game every year. However, in terms of the balance of the fighters, unfortunately, the player is losing a short time. But the BlazeBlue Cross Tag Battle’s fighter balance isn’t very stable, but a certain character doesn’t have any superiority over other characters. So you can beat any player with a character you play well. You can also get help from your partner in fights. As with other Tag-themed fighting games, the way each character helps is different. The combo system, which is a must for fighting games, is quite satisfactory in the BlazeBlue Cross Tag Battle. There is no limit to the combo, especially with short range characters. Similar to other BlazeBlue games, each character is further strengthened in the form of Resonance Blaze. You can easily compress the other side while in this form, which you can enter for a certain period of time.

The music of the game consists of BlazeBlue, Persona 4 Arena, Under Night In-Birth and RWBY. Developers who get Arena music directly from other games have also taken their music from the music that belongs to the character themes of the game. At the end, you can buy the BlazeBlue Cross Tag Battle at an affordable price if you are lacking fighting games and enjoy Japanese style in games.

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