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Platform-type games that can be seen in any period of time have decreased in recent times, but they have recovered again. Especially in recent years, we started to encounter very nice platform games. Unravel, one of these games, managed to be established in a corner of our hearts with different characters and storytelling. Unravel Two, which was announced at E3 2018 and immediately after the players, followed the first game with a very different gameplay dynamics.

The most significant development of Unravel 2 is undoubtedly based on co-op gameplay dynamics. In the first game, Yarny, who continues on his way by collecting the ball, starts the play freely. We see Yarny being dragged into a shore when the game’s first cinematography breaks down. Here, he meets a new character of the game and gives some kind of freedom to his hands. In the first game, the thread he is always attached to integrates with the new character he encounters this time. In other words, although we have been free for the first game, we have to deliver the end of the thread to the other character.

unravel two

Of course, the dynamics of gameplay is shaped according to this situation. If you want the game alone, you can play with a friend if you want. Moreover, while a player is playing with the controller, the other player can continue with his keyboard in his adventure. The most important element of gameplay dynamics is that the two characters act in common. So, especially in the following sections, both fast and acting on the way of the other player you need to continue your way. For example, a player is standing above the other player while the other player hangs down and tries to swing towards the other platform. Or one of you holding a small platform, the other can reach the point where you need to go on this platform. Of course, these points in the other player by pulling up to continue on your way. Here you are trying to solve the platform-based puzzles you encounter with similar binary variations throughout the game.

Of course you can play Unravel Two alone. When you play alone, you press a key to switch between characters and try to cross puzzles and platform elements this way. Moreover, when you play it alone, the other character you give up control is what you need to do last. In other words, when two players are playing, the player holds the rope with the help of a key and when he switches to artificial intelligence, he does this automatically. In the meantime, both in co-op mode and when you play alone, you can perform a special operation that combines two characters. In this way, it is also possible to move the parts of the platform with bounce focus more easily.

Unravel Two has a superficial story as in the first game. As you go through the platform elements, you are also witnessing a series of stories moving in the background. The story presentation is similar to the one in the first game, and you’re learning what’s going on at the end of the game.

I can say that the fairy tale of the first game was a bit lost with Unravel Two. Both the depth and the structure of the character were more emphasized in the first game. In the continuation game, this process was left a bit superficial. Therefore, you are starting to get bored soon after the platform elements. The biggest reason for this is the co-op progress in the game. Especially when you play on your own, sometimes you do the same things over and over again. The biggest factor in this superficial development is that you have already seen the depth and the different atmosphere in the first game. Therefore, you cannot get the effect of the first game naturally when you open the continue game. For example, Yarny, who portrays a wonderfully adorable character in the first game, turns into an ordinary character with the addition of his friend. Since there is no extra or research item in the work, the game soon begins to deviate from its aim and become ordinary.

The puzzle structure of the game is built on the element of physics as it was in the first game except for binary progress and moving together and it is not very compelling. In the following chapters, the puzzle dose increases a little, but you don’t have to stop and think for minutes.

Unravel Two went back a few steps in terms of gameplay, but lost both its visual and music quality. You can feel the fact that Yarny is a teeny character in a huge world, almost every moment of the game. As in the first game, they managed to give their share of the depth very well. I also don’t want to say that the design of the first game is more successful.

As a result, Unravel Two is a successful platform game that you can play as co-op. When we look at the general outline, we can see that the first game doesn’t bring too much innovation, but in some respects it is left behind and ordinary. If you like the first game you can enjoy and finish in a short time Unravel Two, a different and simple platform game can please the seekers.

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