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Vampire theme has always stood in a special place in video games. The game is a bit more difficult and complicated to be vampires perhaps because of this so we cannot see much in video games. However, Dontnod Entertainment developers, who had broken this taboo with Vampyr, managed to come up with a game that was not bad at all. The players who predicted the game as Vampire: The Masquerade when first announced, were mistaken when the game appeared completely. Basically an RPG game, Vampyr allows you to influence the story as well as the challenges of being a vampire during gameplay.

In the story of Vampyr in the 1920s, we check on a doctor named Jonathan Reid in a Victorian England, broken by the Spanish Flu. Reid, a vampire without his own consent, pursues the person who turns him into a vampire, to avenge the brutality against family members in the story. Although we can summarize the main story in this way, Vampyr can actually turn the player into the opposite corner in moments when you’ve been waiting for the script. I must admit that I was a little surprised when Jonathan Reid was actually informed about his true identity and what he was transformed into. Although the main tasks in the sense of script breakup in the sense of the game, you are constantly wondering what the next task will tell you. This does not reduce the tempo of the story during the game.

I have to say that Vampyr’s side missions are more successful than I expected. On this side you can see the touches of Dontnod Entertainment on Life are Strange in Vampyr. Dontnod Entertainment, which has high-quality scriptwriters in the developer team, has worked on all of the side missions. Each NPC has its own story, and each task has its own progress. The mechanics of the side missions in which you are more detective in mechanical terms repeat each other, but you want to play more when you see that you have a contribution to the living world of Vampyr as a result of your side quests. For this reason, if you do not perform the side missions properly, you can immediately see that the UK is taking a worse place. Each step you take in the game and each decision you make can change the world of the game at a time.

When we go to the mechanics, we can say that Vampyr meets the expectations. If you do not have any information related to the game, please note that you will not encounter a quality of Withcer 3 according to an action RPG. Fight mechanics are like the mechanics of Witcher 3, but the skills that Jonathan Reid uses can indirectly influence the fights. As a result of the experience gained through the task of passive and active, you can open new capabilities. These skills are used only in fights. So don’t have any puzzles waiting to be solved in the game. It’s not a lot of puzzling puzzles.

We constantly passing through a dark and stifling air in Vampyr because our main character is a vampire  and can only go out at night. I have to admit that this dark theme is a little tight for me later in the game. But it would be useful to say that this will vary from person to person. If you love gothic weather in games, you may be in love with Vampyr’s theme. Graphics are unfortunately not in the standards of new games. Emotion of animations shows that developers are amateur about making such a game. Since the open world of the game is very small, the places you will explore are kept in parallel. After the first hour of the game, you can memorize the open world map at a glance. However, I have to underline that the NPCs placed within the open world are carefully prepared. Each NPC has its own story, while the different characteristics of the characters add a special color to the game. The voices of all the characters in Vampyr and the music of the game are perfect.

The nutrition system in the game is completely left to the player’s decision. So if you want to bite the side characters completely in your hands. But when you don’t feed on characters, Jonathan Reid’s development is also slowing down. For this reason, you may have to spend more time on the details in the game. As per the story that we have to bite, every character you kill by biting affects the world of the game.

If you bite a native of a neighborhood, wild creatures begin to appear around the house where the NPC lives. I must mention that all of the characters in the game intermittently become ill. In the game you have to continually train the residents of England who have been devastated by the disease. Otherwise, the health of the region falls and eventually people in the region die. You can also gain more experience points when you bite a healthy character. So it is better to bite the character and make it bit before. In the game you need to collect the material you need to get these drugs. Thanks to the craft system in Vampyr, we are able to strengthen the weapons we use in the war as well as the craft screen. The end-of-the-line monster fights that we encountered in the battles were arranged to force the player in some places. Especially during the war, you need to use your energy level well. Otherwise, your main character may suddenly become tired and unable to fight.

When we come to the end of the theme for Vampyr as the only example of its kind. The main story of the game is full of mysteries from the very beginning to the end, along with the quality RPG mechanics. Although the gameplay mechanics of the game are inadequate when we compare it with other action RPG games, Vampyr is a self-sufficient game. In those summer months, the RPG will be like the Vampyr drug for those hungry.

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