Batman Arkham Asylum (BAA) New Tab for Google Chrome

Batman: Arkham Ayslum (BAA), the batman we met last with Lego Batman, aimed to connect us to the screen. This time our hero, who was quite assertive, really came up with a game that surpassed the expectations by fulfilling his claim too much.

The game starts with Batman’s scene of capturing the Joker and taking him to Arkham Asylum. Arkham Asylum is a mental hospital in the middle of the sea and a mental hospital in which the notorious criminals of Gotham city are taken. Naturally, there are a thousand kinds of enemies, from here to the killer. As it is understood, we do not play a subject that is actually processed in construction, if we say that we are witnessing a kind of parade of stars, I think it would not be wrong. Because as soon as the Joker enters the jail, we see that he is actually playing Batman, and with the help of Harley Quinn, he suddenly takes control of the big prison, dumping all the enemies onto Batman respectively. We set off in Arkham, which consists of several colossal buildings to find the Joker, and eliminate the enemies that come before us. Of course the same time you get helpless officials, doctors to reach the hand to recover.

As I have mentioned, we are confronted in the narrow and frightening corridors of Arkham where we witnessed the parade of stars. From Harley Quinn to from Zsasz to Bane and Riddler, from Scarecrow to Poison Ivy, from Killer Croc to Joker, you can’t get enough of them. Obviously, it was a game that could be taken to see them and fight against them, BAA. Another thing that makes the product worth buying is in a game that has many great enemies,, Don’t just fight with you . This situation has been reflected to the user in such a beautiful way, when you fight against enemies or in the silent corridors when you run after the track, the full consistency. You can’t just say boring at all, but this is the only feature that makes the BAA playable.


Arkham Asylum generally has simple advancement logic. The goal is to catch the Joker, that building on the big island, this room is running out of brush and we are trying to reach our goal. Of course, because all the control is in the Joker, non-accountable problems can arise and we are trying to overcome this situation with the features we have. In fact, although this thought seems to be a little monotonous in the game, we have a very free structure because we can enter all the places in the construction. This is the main factor that prevents you from getting tired of BAA. But our freedom is in direct proportion with the accessories we have. Even if we have access to all the spaces, electronic doors, small ventilation tunnels waiting to be opened at high altitudes, walls that you can blow up, obstacles like you come across the game. If you do not have the necessary device, unfortunately, you are going away for a while.

At the beginning of Batman Arkham Asylum you have Batarang, which allows you to climb to the high places that are only open. As you progress, you have a small gun that squeezes explosive gels, a device that allows you to open the frequency of electronic doors, accessories that allow you to hold and pull the obstacles in front of you, and increase the possibility of opening new roads for yourself.

There are so many features that you can enjoy in the game, as I mentioned before, you can’t get bored. Many features such as puzzles, combat system, detective mode, privacy, character development have been combined in one production at the same time. You can spend time trying to solve the puzzles that Riddler offers to you by not doing anything during your time. Each section has a map of Riddler, you need to search and find out all the places to find this map; because the map shows the places where Riddler prepared for you. Otherwise, it is really hard to find surprises. In addition, trying to find these surprises even if you do not get bored in the game, and if you do not have the necessary accessories, you do not collect all the surprises at once. Naturally, you collect the remainder of the game or the rest of the game, and this increases the duration of the BAA.

It’s another factor that makes the playability of our enemies beat. Quite a lot of fun, the system allows you to do one after the other combo, some slow-motion moments, with an impressive scene leaves you alone. Fighting against dozens of enemies in the fighting moments of acrobatic movements is really very successful. In addition, different tactics applied to the weapon in the hands of the enemy have diversified the fighting system. There is also the benefit of beating the opponents, of course, every punch you make in the production, even the Joker teeth that the Joker sprinkles on the way back to you as a plus experience score. Each time a certain level is offered to the user and you are trying to bring the points you earn with the things you do in the BAA to the desired level. Each time you bring to your desired level, you can improve your character’s outfit, combat system and accessories.


Arkham Asylum is another point of our admiration, of course, detective mode. This feature, which is incredibly successful in the game, is perhaps the most striking point of production. Although this mode makes Batman Arkham Asylum very easy, it can be considered a disadvantage if we look at it from another angle. But with the fun it provides, taking into account the fold and fold increased playability, you can ignore the bad aspects by saying that you have even so much defect in your daughter. When you get into this mode, the look of the whole place changes and you feel the air like the whole building together with X-rays.

You can see the interior of the walls, what is on the back side, the empty walls behind it, the tunnels that can be entered, the excitement of the people, whether they are armed or unarmed and even the detective mode of the weapon. Particularly large but with so many objects and where you cannot easily see the whole place under normal circumstances, detective mode allows you to watch everyone from any point. As I have stated, even though it makes the game a little bit easier, you feel like a flawless creature and you can treat your enemies as easy as stupid. They lose their eyes to the world before they know what happened.

Another nice side of detective mode lies in our ability to do the detective, as its name suggests. In some moments of the BAA, we can clog our way and in such cases we are looking for small hints of the person we want to find. A cigarette about the person, a drink, the smell of fragrance, handprint, such as a lot of things through this mode to scan the traces of a person left and we can see the traces left by tracking. Of course, the detective here is somewhat simplified. Because we don’t look all around to find these clues. For example, if we’re looking for a doctor, we go to his room and try to find an object about him. Already that object is shown to you by the construction itself and you are just trying to find the traces by scanning that item. But I can easily say that this situation adds much difference and fun to the structure.

Another good side of Batman is to steer the enemies in secret. Although this situation in a lot of bright places, grinning a bit, but still quite successful. Batman’s cannot see the big body; even that great width of the cloak cannot even notice against the enemies can blow very quietly. The game is still very wide. If you want, you can approach someone quietly from the back, if you want, you can get to the top with a sudden attack from a high place, if you want to hang on to a statue, obviously the privacy of Batman Arkham Asylum is a bit irrational though I can certainly say successful.

Speaking of what the enemy characters are doing, let’s talk about artificial intelligence. The opponents of the enemies throughout the game are really artificial. Those characters who cannot show any existence to you do anything differently, but if there is a place where they can find guns around, there is nothing to do other than attacking you unconsciously.

But it doesn’t have the parts you’ve worked for; for example, some huge enemies who experience a steroid explosion after being beaten by a bit of beating, they are fainted and we use the element over the fainting. For a short time, we can control other enemies by controlling it. The boss fights in the game are not too challenging, they all have a weak point as always and it takes a few seconds to find it. In addition, these opponents who attacked weakly in contrast to their appearance could be a little more challenging. Obviously, there is not much difference between the enemies that are constantly appearing throughout the game.


Arkham Asylum, where Batman Arkham Asylum crosses and we freely move around, opens its doors to us with its successfully designed spaces. However, I cannot say that it is as successful as visual quality. Very poor coatings, the worst part of the game, the whole environment modeled in detail, this looks very bad because of low coatings. In the same way, despite the detailed appearance of the characters, they have a catastrophic plasticity. The speech scenes (including Batman) cause the spirits to move very boring because of the characters that act and behave in a soulless manner. Of course, the lip synchronicity that we call Lip-sync has an impact. In general, the game, which has a classic Unreal Engine view, has not been visually very satisfactory. But in Batman’s outfit, the slow damage he had during the production reveals a beautiful appearance.

Sounds like a poem. From time to time, the sound of the Dark Knight movie reminds you to go to the game. Mark Hamill is also a great job, and gives life to the Joker with his performance. The Challenge mode is a beautiful section where you can enjoy yourself after finishing the main script. Also, this mode is much more enjoyable with the Joker specially designed for PlayStation 3. You need to do what the Riddler wants in the game to open the section where there are quite a few maps.

Batman: Arkham Ayslum has been a very successful and uncompromising production. Playfulness, character, beautiful places, sounds, eyes and ears to erase the rust and frankly is the best Batman game aside, this year is one of the best proves that easily. Also, Batman Arkham Asylum, which can be enriched with new content in the coming days, is one of the products that should be preferred with its wide content, free play and long play time. For a while, you can tear yourself away from the realities of life and immerse yourself in a beautiful adventure.

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