Left for Dead 2 New Tab for Google Chrome

When Left 4 Dead came out last year, we witnessed the return of a rush. The zombies were seen generally in movies. But with the release of L4D, the dead of the dead have begun the invasion of the game world. You are surrounded by zombies and your survival depends on working together with four people you never knew. All the civilization you know has now become the sweet memories of the past. Your friends and family have been transformed into living bodies trying to eat you alive.

The fans of the first game began to react before the launch of Left for Death 2, and protested against the launch of the production after the first. The forums on these topics have been quite controversial, with the L4D2 boycott group on Steam. Many players have said that the first structure has not been given much support, and there have even been those who claim that the L4D2 was actually turned into the Full version of the first game. Valve, however, had boycott leaders tested the game and the leaders of the Left 4 Dead 2 had been made clear that good. Valve’s close stance has attracted great interest from the players.


In Left for Death 2, we manage four people as in the first game. The series is a crippled American football coach, local TV assistant Rochelle, mechanic Ellis and gambler Nick. The 5 bosses in the first game are back and have been renewed. Boomer, Hunter, Smoker, Hunter and Witch are stronger now. There are 5 new and interesting sections in the production. The game actually looks more like a full game than the first. You must act as a team and communicate with other team members. The Director of L4D’s artificial intelligence, this time in a more advanced way and makes the game a little more difficult, but the harder the more difficult it is. There is a good artificial intelligence that causes users of all levels to play and have fun.

Realism mode has been added to the game in addition to Normal and Expert levels. In this new mode, you cannot see the silhouettes of your teammates, but you can only visualize your dead friends once with the help of a kit. It is more effective if you damage the heads of zombies and makes the construction a little more difficult.

If you want to play the game on your own again, computer-controlled team members will be with you. It may not be as much fun as playing with your own friends, but artificial intelligence does a good job. It doesn’t get boring when you play L4D2 alone. Versus mode is also available in construction again. 4 people manage the survivors, the other 4 people manage the bosses and 4 to 4 matches can be made. In this mode, except for the original 5 boss, the Scavenge mode, three bonus boss, Jockey and Charger are also added. For example, Spitter’s acid pool is causing a high damage over time. New bosses add more depth to the game, making it more entertaining.


L4D2 doesn’t let you relax for a moment. You must be in touch with your teammates and you must produce tactics and strategies. You need to be more careful in the Roller Coaster race and similar episodes in Dark Carnival. While attacking some of the departments, you may need to retreat in some sections and play in a defensive structure. This really makes you feel like you’re surrounded by zombies.

In production, there are not only better sections, but more realistic and detailed environmental structures. The darker streets of the old game offer more colorful and interesting sections. There are also more weapons and ammunition around. We think that the most interesting of these is that we can use melee weapons as well. Close combat guns such as Katana and electric saw can add a different kind of excitement. With this new addition to the game, we can even kill zombies. Valve fans can experience Half-Life nostalgia by taking an iron crowbar in their hands.

Left for Death2 looks much better than the first game. Daytime maps and developments in zombie animations are the first interesting details. Every part of the zombies is falling apart. Sounds and music are very successful. If you like team play, you must take Left 4 Dead 2 and start playing with your friends. I don’t think there is any other FPS that has developed this game. Get this build and be ready to have fun with your friends.

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