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DMC has been loved by many players with its gothic design, action and fast game-play. Unlike the content, fiction and game-play of the production, the character was also in the foreground. Cynical, funny, charismatic and never giving up, Dante became one of the most beloved characters in the game world. His humor was one of the biggest factors in this. The second game was a fiasco, it was a real disappointment. We called the first game with a candle.

However, DMC corrected the back bone with the third game. Most importantly, this time there was his twin brother Vergil against Dante. The last encounter with Vergil, in particular, was breathtaking. One of my favorite game scenes is this fight. After the third game, DMC 4 name started to be heard. DMC 4 was curious in many ways. The first information about the game led to some prejudiced approach. The first was the team that prepared the second game, the DMC 4, the second time this time Dante replaced Nero by a different character. These two reasons were disappointing for loyalists like me. In the intervening time, the production has gone on to the next generation of consoles and proved to be a really good game. Thus, the clouds of pre-judgment have been lifted.


The DMC 4 was initially announced only for the PS3. Later, the X360 and PC versions were also approved by Capcom. The console versions of the game took their place on the shelves in February, but the PC version was released later due to more portability. There was even a demo before the full version, so the demo was proof that Capcom was bending the port business. Because in previous productions of the company’s PC ports was bad. The PC version of Lost Planet meant many systems. However, later patches became more tangible.

However, it was clear that the optimization of DMC 4 was done well. The first important point about the PC version is already here. As well as the game demo is very well ported and optimized to be played in most systems have been optimized. Capcom has adapted the MT Framework graphics engine to the PC. The DMC 4 consoles had a nice and beautiful display. In the same way, the PC continues, even with a higher and more fluent FPS on the PC.

Graphically, light effects and shadows are beautifully made. However, there were some problems in shading in one or two places, but it is clear that much attention is given to this. The protagonist has made detailed modeling. Other than that, enemies and other models are also good quality. The animations were realistic with the modeling. Animations in fights come to the fore. The movements of the characters are very well done. Of course, such a fight in the foreground in a production, animations could not be expected to be like billets. DMC 4 also supports Directx 10. There’s a bit of a difference between 10 and Directx 9, but I couldn’t see that it had a lot of influence. However, lighting is more noticeable in Directx 10.

In general, the game’s chapter designs are adhered to the game world and a gothic theme and architecture dominate. One of the most beautiful parts, along with the graphics in the construction, is the Cut-Scents, which are very well prepared. Let’s go to another point, the sound. Most of the voices are good as in Capcom game. All voices made professionally. Along with the voices, the effects are overall very good. You can hardly hear that sound when the sword cuts the flesh. With the sounds, the music of the game is one of the most crucial points. Especially the moving gas pieces that are playing in the fights put the player in the air.


The change in the series with the DMC 4 is pushing Dante into the background and a different character named Nero is the main man of the adventure this time. Nero belongs to the Order of the Sword. She’s very fond of a woman and she loves her. The subject of the game is already shaped by these events. Actually, things are developing in a strange way. Already in the Order of the Sword’s performance at the beginning of the game, Dante descends from the hill and goes down to the priest. Here, Nerolamyla (I mean with us), and the fight at the end of the fight Nero’s makes interesting explanations. In the background there are developments etc. I don’t want to open the matter anymore, what’s what happens as we go through the game.

Nero is serious and doesn’t laugh and laugh at everything like Dante. He takes most things seriously and gets angry. That’s why Dante was accustomed to the players in the early days, but Capcom has well filtered the character out of the DMC. After a while you can get used to, you can even love it, it suits the game somehow. Nero uses the Red Queen sword, the Blue Rose gun, and the evil power of Devil Bringer. Red Queen is an interesting sword. There is an engine system in the handle of the sword. Nero gives power to the sword as it gives gas to the same motorcycle. The sword takes a red color and can shoot flames at enemies. Especially combo’s are quite effective.

A gun with a barrel beneath the top of Blue Rose is like pumped, but not exactly the same. You can use Blue Rose to slow down opponents in general. Thanks to Devil Bringer, he is able to fire effectively. The biggest feature of Nero, the devilish side of Devil Bringer. Devil Bringer is easy to use and highly effective. In particular, the enemy to take with you and the bosses to come out on top of the facility provides such facilities. You can take enemies and shake them like sacks and throw them here. In general, the power of the opponents in front of us takes a lot of power. Nero has less movement than I think I have 40 odd movements. But with Devil Bringer and the Red Queen duo, he balances a little on combo. The beauty of Devil Bringer is already revealed in combos. Most enemies and bosses can come this way.

With Nero you almost play more than half of the game and then the control goes to Dante. Especially after getting used to the influence of Nero and Devil Bringer, Dante is a bit difficult at first. Because the effect of Devil Bringer and easy to use. That’s how it takes a short time to get used to Dante. Dante is again the most influential character. His moves go into Nero’s double and work with the Rebellion sword Ebony & Ivory weapons and Coyote-A. Dante has more equipment than Nero. The fighting style is Trickster, Royal Guard, Gunslinger and Swordmaster. Of course, in this case Dante more combos in different styles and the chance to survive by using the equipment is much less. Most Boss monsters that you are forced to do with Nero can be defeated in a much shorter time by getting used to Dante.

There’s no stopping the game, just like in DMC 3. Easy transition between styles. Actually, the gameplay of Dante is generally the same as DMC3. Dante is not as serious and cold as Nero. Even in fights, he is still having fun making fun of other people and he can make you laugh at the PC. The usual sarcastic humorous attitude continues.


There are old faces like Lady and Trish in the game. Trish and Lady have become sexier together with the new generation DMC 4. In addition to Nero, Kyrie, Credo, Gloria and Agnus are new characters in the game. Gloria DMC 4 is the first female character and a very sexy character. Your eyes can lock into Gloria while watching encounter cinema.

The construction was generally of good quality, but the old ones. First of all, the game will be quite comfortable with the gamepad. The controls on the keyboard are hard, they can be played with the keyboard, but they do some finger pain and it’s hard to do some series movements. So my first advice would be to play with a gamepad. Capcom put mouse support into the game, but not in gameplay, you can only use the menu.

I wish they had done the nice port they did in the game. But it’s better than worse. Performing any movement on most console ports is shown on the display with the gamepad keys in the controls. But there is no such shortcoming in DMC 4. In other words, the screen does not need to search which keypad of the gamepad. Direct showing, in fact, the gamepad with the keys to show the control of most of the company’s console port is one of the biggest errors. But Capcom didn’t do this, he didn’t repeat it.

There are two difficulty levels, Human and Devil Hunter. If you trust yourself and say you’re more experienced, I would recommend Devil Hunter. It gives  so much more enjoyment of the game. There are other levels of difficulty, but they open when you finish the DMC 4 once. While the difficulty level is mentioned, Legendary Dark Knight and Turbo mode are added to DMC 4 as an extra. In Legendary Dark Knight you are fighting against many enemies that come on a single screen. In fact, this part of the game can be compared to KOEI’s Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors series. In Turbo mode the game is fast. Again there are hidden sections, but added some new places to the PC as a plus. According to what we do in classical terms, we get certain degrees at the end of the episode. Extras within the game are opened according to the degrees we received. Plus you can see in which section how many degrees you did. You can also access the game’s story, equipment, characters, etc.  in many details. There is also a benchmark in the DMC 4. This allows you to test your system in Directx 10 or 9. You can see how many FPS games and the performance of your PC.

DMC 4 has been a beautiful port in general. He wasn’t repetitive and he had more control over the keyboard, he could be a classic. But it’s the type of player that can play and satisfy most players, even in the great state of optimized. The team that made the second game has done a great job, they have learned very well from their old mistakes. I definitely recommend you to play. Especially if you like an action, I suggest you install it on your PC in any way and go after the devils.

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