Black Desert Online New Tab for Google Chrome

The MMORPG market, including Black Desert Online, still has millions of players who love the genre, even though it doesn’t appeal to a large number of players. As an Asian-made Black Desert Online, it was a powerful challenge for big games. From the first moment of its announcement, the open world, graphics, modeling, especially martial mechanics thanks to the large masses had succeeded.

We need to talk about the game’s character creation screen before entering Black Desert Online’s gameplay or any details. From the first day of its launch, you can easily find the typing you want thanks to the mechanics of the character creation screen. If you try hard, you can even transfer your aunt, aunt, and even your favorite celebrities to the Black Desert Online universe.

You can also adjust your character’s play at any moment in the screen where you can adjust all the fine details on the facial lines. In other words, the character can show you how to create a character during a battle or at rest, and the game can show you before you start. In this way, you are less likely to not be satisfied with the character you created.

If we talk about the open world of the game, we can accept Black Desert Online at a sufficient level. Compared to other MMORPG games, I can clearly say that Black Desert Online has a very living world. You can meet new people and make friends in a new town where you discover each.

You can trade and discuss with each of the NPCs, or you can learn the stories hidden by the locals by getting closer to the NPCs. If you want to do even more, you can hunt in the game, you can domesticate your horse, milk, mini games or you can build a house that is entirely yours. You don’t have to use the game’s home system, but you can enjoy playing Sims as you play home in Black Desert Online. Although the construction of the house in the game is not mandatory, it should be noted that the pros.

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