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Our journey, which started with Demon Souls, brought us up to Yharnam, a cursed city full of monsters. From the past years, From Software games like their own signature, like Rockstar and Bethesda games. That’s why I’ve been expecting a lot since Project Beast. After games like Demon Souls and Dark Souls I-II, these guys had no chance of failing. They were definitely moving on each time, and this time they had really stepped into risky waters.

It is seriously risky to do RPGs in a transition period without armor, swords and shields. Bloodborne is good or bad as well as this point is also a big deficiency closes. Aside from the risky theme, the game brings new mechanics to the world once again.


Although it is not a horror game, it stretches you every second and kills you in fear. You’re learning that at the end of the first few hours you’re learning that progression is not due to appear to be charisma, but to fear the unknown.

Bloodborne takes great inspiration not only from his own kind, but also from other genres of play, and without pushing Action RPG patterns, he manages to do it without inflating the game like an Assassin’s Creed variant. The first thing you realize about the game is to understand that every enemy, each trap, is carefully placed. Not a single piece of Bloodborne is too much of what is missing.

In general, making difficult games, From Software, first of all made death into a game mechanics. You died when you died, but losing didn’t mean you had to go back to the previous registration point. You had to keep playing. They put all things different as punishment for eliminating death; Decrease in total life score in each failure is only one of them, another is also a significant place in Bloodborne died when all souls are left to the ground.

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