Age Of Empires 3 New Tab for Google Chrome

The most famous and perhaps the best known of the real-time strategy games, Microsoft’s Age of Empires series, which is literally stepping into the game world, continues with its splendor from where it left off. Age of Empires games, based on the development of the world by the Ensemble Studios programmers working under Microsoft’s wings, were divided into four parts while still at the project stage. Producers, starting from the dark age and reflecting the development that continues until today’s technology in a single game, will be extremely difficult and detailed enough to squeeze the player. They presented the dark age of the world with the first game Age of Empires.

 Rise of Rome version of the game focusing on Roman History, the second part of the Middle Ages took the subject of Age of Kings. Ensemble Studios, a mythological journey with Age of Mythology, continued with the third game to continue the development of the epoch. Here is one of the world’s greatest discoveries; Age of Empires III .

Every game of Age of Empires series has been mentioned with a record number of sales besides the awards received by the authorities. Considering that the Age of Empires games have been sold up to 16 million and that countless people in the internet cafes still play with great pleasure, we can understand that they really deserve the awards and the awards.

Ensemble Studios, which was like a bomb in the world of strategy with its first games, provided us with realistic unit animations that we had never seen before, and caused us to pour cold sweats against the highly successful enemies with artificial intelligence. Continuous graphically developing play with subsequent games has also become more comprehensive with increasing races and strategic elements. Age of Empires II, which I like most personally, has hit the ceiling with the addition of The Conquerors.

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