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Factorio, as the name implies, is a simple and beautiful game that is based on factory layout, but also blends production-based but survival and crafting features. To the story of the game; As a result of an accidental falling space ship, you are trapped on another planet and your goal is to get rid of it. In fact, although it seems to be a very simple target, things are not as easy as you think. There are incredible details in the game, but these details will keep you away from the game. You need to set up a production network that you really admire. You also need to do new technology research while trying to repel incoming attacks.

If we talk about Factorio’s war mechanics; the factories built by the players face the danger of an on-going attack. The basis of these attacks is actually your factories! Let’s explain; The higher the pollution caused by the production in the factories you build, the more the unrest is exacerbated by the local population and the frequency and intensity of attack of the creatures on the planet are increasing in proportion to the pollution you give to the environment.

In the game, there are three kinds of creatures randomly generated from enemy areas; Biters, Spitters, and finally Worms. In the initial stages of the game you can protect yourself with only pistols against creatures. You can then upgrade this pistol to the machine gun, the rifle and finally the advanced rifle. There are many types of projectiles, for example, penetrating bullets can pass through a creature and hit the back.

Factorio has two types of game modes. These are Scenario and Free World game modes. Before starting the free world mode, you will be welcomed by a window where you can adjust the details of the planet. In this window, you can adjust the frequency of the mines, the frequency of the creature zones, the abundance of water resources, the width of the map and the length of the map. In the scenario mode, we are asked to perform the tasks given on a planet whose features are specific to the game.

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