Dead Cells New Tab for Google Chrome

A small French team, but with a long history, the Motion Twin has so far been able to play small and mobile games. Founded in 2001, but until today, the team can not make a splash with the games this time broke the blind fortune. Dead Cells, which have gone through a long development process, were finally released. In the process of development, the team, who occasionally shared information about the game, unfortunately could not collect the necessary attention for the game. However, the Dead Cells, the gameplay mechanics of his players quickly spread between the players and deserves the attention.

First of all, Dead Cells has elements that make you fall in love with the mechanical means and cool you down from the game. Even though it doesn’t have its own mechanics, you should have a special interest in roguelike before you start Dead Cells, which blends the mechanics we’ve seen before. Otherwise, I can tell you that with Dead Cells, your star won’t be. Welcome if you die a lot during the game and are interested in a game where your progress is lost. We’re all on the same side. Thanks to its extremely fast (really fast) structure, Dead Cells, which is in a competitive mood, does not have a story progress that attracts many players. However, in the game, the weapons offered to you, the use of features and details such as character animations, re-playability of the game is permissible if the sky carries.

With the exception of Cells, we can collect mutations (Mutation) that will affect the gameplay, and we can be more comfortable with challenging enemies. The amount of money in the game is used to get weapons from the stores that are between the maps or to reset our mutations. Dead Cells, which change the map structure every time we die, can also connect you to the game thanks to this feature. Since the map is constantly changing, you want to play a part you play all the time. Thanks to the teleportation feature in the map you have the possibility to go anywhere in the map at any time.

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