Into The Breach New Tab for Google Chrome

The Into the Breach, which continues the legacy of the FTL, has still pixel images and is based on roguelike foundations. Insects are attacking our regions and we are trying to protect civilians and buildings with our robots.

It was said that the game was based on turn-based mechanics. By selecting three robots, we create teams and fight nauseating insects. It first begins with a team with tanks, artillery and melee robots; as you progress in the game you can change your team. Moving forward depends on completing the achievements of the game, winning as you receive stars and you can open the game features according to the number of stars.

The game is inherently random in some ways. The game gives you certain regions and these regions are under threat. Our mission is to clear these threats from insects. (Insect spray works, maybe?) Tasks sometimes to protect a private station, sometimes to protect a train passing through the city, sometimes does not take damage to your robots. Some tasks give you stars, while others add to your main power supply. Now of course you will naturally say what the main power supply is. Our main task in the game is not to destroy our main power supply. Our main power supply takes damage as the buildings in the city get damaged and Game Over if their life is reset. That’s why it’s important to protect civilians!

Into the Breach is a game with very simple mechanics, in fact a turn-based game. But somehow she managed to get out of this mediocrity. At the bottom you manage three robots, but you have to sit and think about some tours. You see information on where the next round of beetles are attacking, where new beetles are born, and therefore you have to consider a lot of variables, so some situations require detailed thinking.

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